When to Hire Contract Workers for Your Video Production Team


Building your video production team can be challenging. You want experienced video production professionals on your team. At the same time, these professionals often want full-time salaries and benefits. However, hiring contract workers lets you add top-notch video production professionals without breaking your budget. 

Contract Workers Can Supplement Your Team

Key reasons to hire contract workers for video production include:

1. Flexibility

You hire a contract worker for a set period of time. If the worker performs well, you can offer him or her a contract extension or full-time role. Or, if the worker does not meet your expectations, you are under no obligation to retain him or her beyond their contract’s expiration date. 

2. Cost

Contract workers do not require benefits or other financial incentives. While you may offer these incentives to full-time workers, you do not need to offer them to contractors. 

3. Expertise

Many video production professionals pursue contract work regularly. And these professionals can give your videos more attention than ever before. Contract video production professionals can ensure that your videos are produced with precision and care. You can even hire contract web developers and designers who can help you stir up interest in your videos online.      

Contract workers can become valuable contributors to your team. But you need to know how and where to search for them. That way, you can hire contract video production professionals who can hit the ground running. 

Identify the Right Contract Workers

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to hiring top contract workers for video production. Yet, there are several tried-and-true things you can do to identify talent who will accept contract roles on your video production team. These include:

1. Establish Criteria for Your Contract Role

Make a list of the skills and requirements for a contract role you want to fill. It often helps to consult with members of your video production team to determine what you want to find in your ideal job candidate. Next, you can craft a job description for your contract role. 

Be realistic as you seek out contract workers. For instance, if you want to hire a contract video producer, research the average salary for professionals who fill this role. Because, if you can offer a competitive wage for a contract job, you can increase the likelihood of generating substantial interest in your role. 

2. Conduct an Extensive Search for Contractors

Use social media, application tracking systems, and other hiring tools to find contract video production workers. In addition, leverage your professional network. Look for local talent as well.   

Furthermore, keep candidates for contract jobs engaged throughout the hiring process. Verify that these candidates can receive answers to any questions they have about the contract role or your company. From here, you can foster meaningful relationships with these candidates. You can boost the likelihood that top candidates for video production roles will pursue contract roles with your business now and in the future, too. 

3. Prioritize the Interview Process

Host interviews to learn about a job candidate and what he or she can contribute as a contract worker on your video production team. The interview process can provide a valuable learning experience for your business and a candidate. And both parties need to make the most of it. 

Ask questions to gauge a candidate’s interest in a contract role and how he or she can support your video production team. For example, you may want to ask a candidate how he or she responds to challenges that can arise for someone who fills the role. Meanwhile, give a candidate plenty of opportunities to ask questions. This ensures that you and a candidate can determine if there is a good fit for both sides. 

4. Get in Touch with a Candidate’s Professional References

Request professional references from a candidate for a contract video production job with your company. Then, you can gain insights into how this candidate has performed in past video production roles. 

Prepare questions before you reach out to a candidate’s references. Use your questions to learn about the candidate’s work history and performance. If a candidate’s references can attest to their ability to fulfill your contract job requirements, you may want to make an offer to this individual.   

5. Track Your Results

Evaluate video production contract worker recruitment and hiring efforts regularly. Collect contract employee and video production performance data. You can then search for patterns and trends within this data and retrieve insights you can use to make the best contract employee hiring decisions moving forward. 

Encourage contract employees to provide feedback, too. You can use surveys and questionnaires to learn about contract workers’ experiences with your company. And you can leverage contract employees’ feedback to discover ways to improve your business. 

It can take time to fine-tune your approach to contract worker recruitment and hiring. As you hire contract video production team members, do everything in your power to keep them happy. In doing so, you can reap the benefits of a motivated workforce. 

Keep Your Contract Workers Motivated

Employee motivation can deteriorate, particularly if you hire contract workers for your video production team. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to motivate contract workers. 

First, find out what motivates your contract team members. Learn what you can do to lead these employees to perform their best. Moreover, work with your contract employees to continuously explore ways to motivate them and ensure that they can optimize their productivity. 

Also, take steps to establish a positive work environment and culture. Simple things like decorating your office for holidays or hosting team lunches can make a world of difference for contract workers. They help contract employees feel like they are vital members of your video production team. And they may even motivate contract workers to work hard to show they deserve a full-time role with your company. 

Pursue Contract Workers for Your Video Production Team

There is a lot to like about hiring contract workers for video production. Before you pursue contract staff, plan accordingly. 

Contract workers can deliver outstanding short-term contributions to your video production team. But you need to offer them a competitive wage and an engaging work environment. This ensures you can attract skilled contract workers to your team. 

Don’t forget to conduct a thorough search for contract staff as well. If you search far and wide for contractors, you can connect with exceptional video production professionals from around the world. You can build relationships with talent to fill contract roles on your video production team for years to come, too. 

The bottom line: contract workers can help your video production team. If you want to add video production talent, begin your search for contract employees today.  


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