When it comes to Video Production, try not to be Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish


What are you seeking to accomplish? Are you a company seeking to just grab a production team to execute your team’s vision? To present your service or product to a potential customer base? To make great commercials that convert to sales? Well, if you want to hit the bullseye, just lean into choosing a quality video production company,  just a little bit, and the results can be amazing! 

To make the best content that has impact, the team chosen and the production of video cannot be an afterthought. Whether it’s an ad or a creative brand video, you’re ideally going to want competent professionals in the field working on the project. This is the role good video production companies play!

To create the union between a winning conception and its development, you are going to need skilled technicians that are professional and are experienced in success. Not some dude with the latest camera, daddy put on his credit card, that is willing to give you the cheapest rate. Remember, just because someone picks up a camera that shoots 4k or above doesn’t mean that they can hit your targets. 

That’s the whole purpose of taking you and your team’s time to craft the project, and spending your budget on, is to hit the target. You need thinkers. You need people who give a darn, especially about the quality of work they put out. Unfortunately, people like that are not the cheapest in the market.  With that being said, it doesn’t mean that they are out of reach. Most of the time, a very competent and experienced crew can work with you, if you are upfront with your budget. Most of the time a good production company can figure out ways to make it work, that’s within reason, of course.  

To make the mistake of calling companies down the list for quotes, will almost always result in disaster. Remember, you are not buying a microwave. It’s art—and some science. And that art portion is formed by creatives, no matter how you may have your concept already “dialed in”.

How do you choose the right company? Take a look at their previous projects and reels. Are those projects within range of your vision? Find companies that have content you appreciate. Give them a call, speak to the creatives, and catch a vibe. See if these are people you can work with. There will be a lot of interaction between you two. So, it’s important to choose a team you can work with. This will surely show on the screen.   

The democratization of this equipment is fooling people into thinking that just because you have the equipment means you can execute. Today we will break down the nature of democratization and the negative impact it can have on your videos.

Don’t Lose Time You Can’t Recuperate

It is important to remember that not only can’t time be bought back, but bad footage can still cost you money and still not hit the mark. You’ll still have to pay for inexperienced video production companies for a sub par product, because they still provided a service. You cannot buy back lost time. 

There is a great deal of complexity to making videos. It’s also a field where errors can cost a lot of time or money. Poorly shot footage (or losing it altogether) can literally waste entire days or weeks of work. Even though we like to say time is money, it is not. If it were, we would be able to buy our time back. Time we cannot recoup. Hire an intuitive and experienced team that can save you time and money overall. It’s a costly mistake you don’t need to make at the expense of your budget or your career.

You Need Experience

Just because you can rebuild your transmission, doesn’t mean you should. Try doing it yourself, good luck! This opens you up to a lot of risks and time. As does cheaping out on an amateur video production team. Most people don’t want to spend months reading articles and learning tricks of the trade to produce video content. Unless it’s your job or your passion, you may as well pay someone else to do it. (Especially because you’ll need hands-on experience, which means either buying an expensive camera and software or renting on a consistent basis.) This might be okay for student films and passion projects, but it isn’t for business ventures. It is much more prudent to let the pros be pros.

Don’t get fooled into thinking making videos is just turning a camera on and filming. There is a technique to getting shots and lighting just right. That’s not to mention you’ll usually want the footage to convey a certain mood and feel.

Photo by: Vladislav Babienko


Choose Wisely the First Time

The balancing act of producing video content people care about is not an easy one. This is especially true in advertising, with a long data-driven debate about the ideal length of ads and more something professionals always have to keep in mind.

Getting people to care about your videos is hard enough when they’re shot competently. You can’t afford to be using low-quality footage. 

This is why choosing a strong video production company like BluLight Films is so important. Companies like ours make sure your project gets high-quality footage on time and at the price that was agreed upon.

As we touched on, it’s important you choose a quality company first. Trying to do work cheaply when it comes to video production usually results in one of two things:

  • Videos that look cheap and are unlikely to appeal to many people that do not hit the target.
  • Possibly, a need for expensive reshooting, or redoing the content entirely, to effectively double the costs and time you cannot recoup.

Blulight Films is a great option when choosing a video production company. You’ll get the footage you wanted the first time, from professionals, who give a darn and no need to worry about issues that can happen with cheaper less experienced options. Being twenty-five-year entrepreneurial veterans they approach each video project as if it were their own, customizing a unique experience for their clients that fits within the time, budget, and resources of the client’s requests. 

Production is hard enough when you get quality footage. Don’t risk having the whole project dying before it even really gets started.

Quality Video Production Companies Trump Cheap Ones

We live in creatively competitive times. If you want people to care about your video content, you’re really going to want whatever edge you can get. High-quality footage makes standing out of the crowd much easier and top tier video production companies like ours can guarantee you get some.

Our work at Blulight Films speaks for itself. If you like the content you see on our site, we can help you make videos just as good! For those companies and individuals interested, we’d love to hear from you.


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