These Trending Motion Graphics Can Elevate Your Brand


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs. 

One of the best digital marketing tactics is to market your brand in a way that the message conveyed stands out and recurs in the minds of the audience. 

Motion Graphics! It’s not a new concept, but it’s highly trending. It’s everywhere, from film opening titles and social media posts to educational videos and Ed Sheeran song videos!

Motion graphics are animation videos or digital footages that portray illusions with audio for multimedia projects. While it can be classified under animation, motion graphics can be said to be broader. 

Why Motion Graphics to promote your brand?

It is tough to get noticed in a world scrolling through various brands. The rising competition has led businesses to employ multiple types of marketing. And not to forget that trends keep changing in the blink of an eye. 

Motion graphics is one of the best options for promoting brands for many reasons. A good motion graphic will make your brand memorable for your audience and get you better conversion rates. 

Motion graphics are the type of videos that tell your brand’s story. It helps your audience visualize your story rather than just a narration. This is a beautiful way to market your brand as it fosters connection with your audience and establishes brand image. 

Motion graphics are helpful in various industries and are excellent for information delivery and versatility. They grab attention and also simplify things for the viewers. Moreover, the production costs of these videos are also less compared to many other animated videos. 

What’s in Motion Now?

2D-3D integration 

Combining 2D and 3D animations is the new standard in motion graphic video creation. A masterpiece is created by the perfect mixture of styles and pictures. Last year, when the result was a fascinating piece, this unique motion graphic became popular.

Isometric designs are created by representing 3D elements on a 2D screen. This technique is used by brands who want to draw attention to specific features in a video.

The video gradually draws the viewer’s attention while providing information about the service. The design is so robust that a non-native speaker can understand it. Your brand’s functionality is brilliantly incorporated into the video. 

Minimalist design

A minimalist approach to design rather than loud and flashy brings out an intense clarity in what the audience is supposed to see about your brand. 

This type of motion graphics brings in line art, geometric shapes, doodles, simplified strokes, etc., aligned with the right audio sounds and draws the audience’s attention. It conveys complicated messages in better and understandable ways.

Liquid Motion and Morphing

This 2D graphics style is made by breaking down shapes to form a liquid-like appearance. It blends in and out seamlessly. These are mainly used for making short, captivating ads. 

Surreal effects are made when the liquid elements with smooth timing make morphing transitions. These designs usually give the audience a serene vibe as they are never-ending illusions. 

Logo Animation

Animated logos have swept the online business sector. Brand recognition and identity have been elevated to new heights due to this. As motion graphics give life to static icons and typography, this key trend in brand identity design has become the norm.

Customers’ attention is drawn to animated logos, which also serve to clarify the logo’s underlying meaning. Typically, logos are animated to take on unexpected twists and turns, making them one-of-a-kind.

Seamless Transitions

Seamless transition videos have smooth transitions and are engaging from beginning to end. As they are taken forward with complete concentration, the flowing motion of videos has a soothing impact on the viewers.

These motion graphics’ storylines and concepts are to the point, understandable, and captivating. The story is told with the help of stunning images and animation.

Kinetic Typography

Although kinetic typography is not a new trend, it has grown in popularity over time. They’re regularly seen in adverts for products. Using dynamic motion graphics to bring the copy to life is a terrific method.

People are fascinated with kinetic typography, which involves stretching, twisting, and distorting letters. This is good to hook the viewers to your brand promotion. 


Motion graphic designers are using virtual reality worldwide to generate high-quality video effects. Virtual reality and motion graphics offer limitless creativity and possibilities.

This can give your target audience a unique experience as virtual reality is increasingly sought for in the market. 

Animated Vertical Ads

Animated vertical ads are one of the best motion graphic trends that a brand can use for marketing to a growing digital audience. 

Over the years, smartphones and social media usage have led to a rise in the need for vertical video ads. Many brands and well-known animators have created vertical content to increase their social media presence. 


3D motion graphics are always trending. The emphasis is given more to the texture. It can make any essential design elements stand out. 

Using 3D graphics makes your brand stand out. This is because these types of designs are dynamic and virtually limitless.  

Retro Graphic

Brands use emotions to connect with customers through advertising. Customers are more engaged when motion graphics incorporate this emotion. 

One such idea is to use motion graphics with nostalgic effects. It can be done by adding grain and noise to cleaned pictures. It has a distinct 90s vibe, and it is pretty relatable.

Wrapping Up 

Even though many motion graphics trends above can promote your brand,  video production companies usually focus on the nature of the video and your brand. 

Each brand has its own story; why not say it with motion graphics to market it beautifully?

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