The Rising Need for Portable Power

By Roy McDonald, co-founder at BriteShot

There’s a plethora of boxes to check when planning out a production schedule, but whether shooting on-set or on-location, the need for a reliable power source remains the most crucial element. There’s no “lights, camera, action” without power.

As the film and TV industry continues to push boundaries, shooting in the most unique locations across the globe and deploying top-performing production technology, the demand for on-the-go energy increases. To provide production customers with the solutions they need for a successful shoot, product manufacturers need to think from the ground up, starting with powering up the set. 

For in-studio productions, AVL staff and systems integrators may not need to think twice about power supply, but when shooting out in-the-field, the need for a portable, long-lasting and ready-to-use energy source arises. Additionally, when it comes to on-set productions, multi-kilowatt LED lighting and other production equipment often demand more power than traditional wall sockets can supply, leading production personnel to seek alternative power solutions. 

Battery-based modular power systems provide a reliable energy source that allow users to power up their cameras, lighting and other production equipment with ease. Allowing customers to produce in any environment, specialized battery power systems do not require additional permits, providing a solution that increases mobility, flexibility and accessibility when it comes to deploying a dependable energy source. Not only do generators require permits, but they also require a dedicated operator and they run on hazardous gasoline. Choosing to deploy batteries over a generator is a much greener, more versatile solution to power up production gear. Plus, battery packs are much easier to transport than bulky generators, as they often come in rack-mountable cases with rollers.  

Another benefit of modular-based power systems is the uninterrupted energy that hot-swappable battery packs provide. Simply charge one battery while the other is in-use and switch them out when you see the power level getting close to depletion. For example, if you have a technocrane in use and it suddenly loses its juice, not only do you need to worry about getting that device charged up again, but you also have to take reconfiguration into consideration. With hot-swappable batteries, your gear will never reach full energy depletion as one battery can remain in play while the other is charging, providing seamless, uninterrupted power supply.  

Taking both industry need and workflow protocol into consideration, BriteShot recently launched BritePower, a patent-pending mobile and rugged modular power system that provides continuous energy delivery via hot-swappable lithium-ion manganese phosphate battery packs. Keeping our ear to the ground and listening to the needs of the industry, we are also in the process of developing an app for iOS and Android to allow for the wireless control of BritePower batteries, as well as the ability to check life-cycle status remotely. 

With years of knowledge and experience supporting the film and TV industry, we look forward to growing alongside our customers with solutions that ease the everyday challenges encountered on-set and on-location. 

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