The Most Exciting Camera Rumors of 2021


Another new year, another round of juicy camera conjectures. Here’s your officially unofficial 2021 camera rumor roundup!

Well, 2020 was a mess. In so many ways. However, we did still see the release of a handful of new cameras like the insane Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K, RED Komodo, Sony a7S III, Canon C70, C300 III, and R5, Fujifilm XT-4, and more.

So, where does that leave us in 2021? Who knows, but here are many of the rumors making headlines in forums and comments online.

ARRI Rumors

ALEXA Super 35 4K
The ALEXA Super 35 4K. Image via ARRI.

In 2020, ARRI announced the development of a ALEXA Super 35 4K. The camera is slated for a 2021 release.

The camera is rumored to be the same size as the ALEXA Mini LF, and will use the same viewfinder and media.

Per ARRI’s 10th anniversary video celebrating the first ALEXA,

We at ARRI believe in Super 35. Not everybody will shoot Large Format/Full Frame. Many productions, in particular on TV, will remain with Super 35 for the foreseeable future. Therefore, we are also working on a dedicated Super 35 4K camera (not LF), further increasing the choices for cinematographers.

Beyond this release, not much else is expected for 2021. We shall see if ARRI has any surprises waiting for us.

Rumor via Y.M. Cinema.

Blackmagic Rumors

Last year we made the mistake of sleeping on Blackmagic and they still dropped the URSA Mini Pro 12K.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 8K

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K dropped in 2018, the 6K model in 2019. Will they drop a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 8K in 2021?

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 8K
The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 8K. Image via Blackmagic.

Another rumors suggests a BMPCC 6K Pro, which could feature a full-frame sensor.

We might also see an update to the Micro Cinema Camera which hasn’t seen a big update since its release in 2016.

Blackmagic always keeps things tight-lipped, so these rumors are all we have to work with. We shall see what 2021 brings us.

Rumor via EOSHD | DPreview.

Canon Rumors

Canon R1

Supposedly, the new flagship R-mount camera, the Canon R1, may debut before the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics.

Rumors suggest a new sensor for the camera, much more powerful than the Canon R5.

Other rumors suggest new 8K cameras from Canon, and this could be one of them.

Canon C50 (or C90)

Canon EOS C50
The Canon EOS C50.

Another new square body Cinema EOS is slated for an upcoming release, with an announcement expected in the first half of the year.

Canon 7D III

This one seems like a bit of a stretch, as the Camera 7D line has certainly lost popularity since its massive release in 2009 and MK II follow-up in 2014.

Rumors suggest a jump to a 32.5Mp sensor and finally 4K video recording.

Rumors via Canon Rumors | Camera Jabber.

Fujifilm Rumors

Fujifilm X-T40

Fuji usually follows up their big release with a more compact version. X-T2 to X-T20, X-T3 then X-T30, so this rumor just makes sense.

Panasonic Rumors

No camera announcements at CES 2021, so it’s still all rumors at this point.

Panasonic GH6

Will this finally be the year we see the latest GH-camera? The GH6 was expected in May 2020, but we all know how that year went.

Rumors suggest we’ll see the GH6 this year, a camera capable of capturing 8K video.

More rumors suggest three different models—a GH6, GH6V, and GH6X.

Here’s to hoping we hear more in February at the CP+ show.

Rumors via Tech Radar | 43 Rumors.

RED Rumors

The RED KOMODO 6K. Image via RED.

RED still managed to ship the KOMODO during the lockdown, but it has also likely delayed the release of any new cameras.

I’d expect to see some new accessories and peripherals, but not sure about any new sensors or bodies coming out in 2021.

Sony Rumors

Rumors have already leaked of the Sony G Master FE 35mm lens that has users drooling.

Sony Airpeak Drone
Sony’s Airpeak Drone. Image via Sony.

Sony, themselves, have also already announced the new Airpeak drone that is designed to carry the company’s Alpha series cameras.

As for cameras, rumors suggested several new camera bodies, but after a factory fire, the announcements have since been delayed. Supposedly, we’ll here something in the coming weeks.

Sony a7R V

Rumors seem to be fairly confident in this camera.

Same 61MP sensor from the a7R IV with a new processor. It could be a Bionz XO processor from the a7S III, which handles 4K at 120fps.

Rumblings also predict that the a7R V will be capable of 8K video at 30fps capturing on dual CFExpress.

Sony a7 IV

Rumored for late 2021. This camera is expected to capture 6K RAW and will compete directly with the Panasonic S1H.

Rumors via Sony Alpha Rumors | DP Review.

Cover image via Blackmagic Design.

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