The Importance of Reliable Control in eSports Applications


By: Mark Davies, Director of Products and Technology, TSL Products

As the eSports industry continues to grow with more teams, venues, and cities involved, there is a heightened demand for dependable advanced control solutions. eSports production companies are looking to streamline operator workflow with easy-to-use solutions that don’t compromise on broadcast quality. 

In comparison to traditional sports productions, an eSports broadcast is divided into two arenas, one in the physical event venue and the other in the virtual gaming server. The number of production signals that need to be captured is much greater and many of them do not exist with traditional sports. With additional PC servers, video game consoles and a multitude of camera angels required in eSports production, it’s crucial to have an intuitive interface that bridges the gaps for production personnel, allowing signals to be more easily managed for a seamless event. Plus, having one system that can control third-party equipment through a simple-to-navigate interface allows operators to remain focused on creating great content.

Putting Control to the Test

Proving the importance of deploying a unified control layer is Asia’s first large-scale eSports remote production centre, TJ Sports. The facility has a total area of 3,550 square meters that houses five production studios, five control rooms and multiple specialized eSports function rooms. With the global popularity of eSports growing at a rapid pace, TJ Sports needed to implement an advanced, centralized control system to carry out high-quality, telecast productions across multiple venues. 

Since acquiring a reliable controller, TJ Sports has been able to successfully accomplish the management of large-scale video switchers, AV matrix, and even larger audio mixers during events. TJ Sports can host centralized scheduling and control over the entire signal path throughout its studio complex, grouping multi-level actions into a single, user-configurable interface whilst sharing and managing resources between system locations. 

Taking Control of the Game Broadcast/Stream


Offering a one-stop hosting service, TJ Sports has relied on its unified control layer to successfully broadcast events such as Hero League Mid-Season Championship, League of Heroes Season 10 Global Final, 2020 League of Heroes Mid-Season Cup (MSC), League of Heroes All-Star Game, DeMarcia Cup and Genting Electric Competition, among many other games. 

“With a unified control layer, we can produce more events that are more intensive and complex,” says Zhang Xuming, head of broadcast technology planning at TJ Sports. “Having a solid controller greatly reduces execution risk during production while improving the overall operator experience. Plus, we are able to successfully accomplish off-site control of remote network production for major international events, which has been particularly beneficial during these times.”


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