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As someone who is really into production equipment, I’m always on the lookout for whatever will help you do what you want to do on your production. My thoughts always circle around product performance and overall production value. This matters because what might be important to you might not be as important to another production pro. If you buy it or rent it, what can this product do for you and will it help you make more money?

Let’s take a look at some of the latest gear that made our list.

Side note: If you have some other new gear you want me to look at feel free to email me  below and I will include it next time. 

AJA Bridge NDI 3G Converter  

I think AJA is going to continue to sell a ton of the Bridge NDI 3G Converters. If the new model of hybrid production continues and people need the flexibility to flow a bunch of signals in and out of their facility, this might be it. Designed to fit into an existing SDI or NDI workflow, this plug-and-play converter is ideal for broadcast, sports, entertainment, and houses of worship. 

Here is just a quick look at a few specs:

  • Support for up to DCI 4K60 4:2:2 10-bit video
  • 16 x 3G-SDI input/output ports
  • Two x 10 GigE RJ45 input/output ports, 
  • Support for up to 16-channel embedded audio
  • 3G-SDI to NDI & NDI to 3G-SDI Conversion
  • Bidirectional encoding/decoding from SDI to NDI or NDI to SDI
  • Combination of HD or DCI 4K/UHD 4K video



ATOMOS has introduced features to expand recording options for Sony’s FX6 full-frame Cinema Line camera. With Sony’s latest firmware release (V.2.00) for the FX6, it’s possible to record Apple ProRes RAW over HDMI to the NINJA V and NINJA V+. This update marks a first for a single camera package to use both SDI and HDMI RAW recording options.The addition of RAW out via HDMI on Sony’s FX6 marks a turning point in camera functionality.

Up to this point, the convention has been for compact cameras to output RAW via SDI only. ATOMOS is leading the market to develop and introduce the ability to record ProRes RAW via HDMI. The NINJA V and NINJA V+ provides the entry point for Sony’s FX3 and FX6 to use HDMI with resolutions up to 4.2K and up to 60fps.

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2

I’m not sure how Blackmagic Design keeps up with all their products they have, but they do! If I was building out a new studio space, the URSA Broadcast G2 would definitely be in the mix. Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 is a next generation professional broadcast camera with 6K digital film sensor that provides digital film quality to both traditional and online broadcasters. The advanced 6144 x 3456 digital film sensor provides exceptional low light performance with dual gain ISO of up to +36dB as well as 13 stops of dynamic range. Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 also includes H.265 and Blackmagic RAW file formats, Blackmagic generation 5 color science, as well as a USB-C expansion port for external disk recording.

Canon RF800mm F5.6L IS USM and Canon RF1200mm f/8 L IS USM

Everytime I see a new lens or two from Canon I want to try them out because I’ve been shooting with Canon lenses for a long time. I think they are extremely well built and sturdy. Hopefully I can get some to review later in the year. (Hint, hint) 

The RF800mm F5.6 L IS USM weighs in at just 6.9 lbs and features a minimum focusing distance of 8.53ft/2.6 meters. With a maximum close-up, magnification is a superb 0.34x, allowing wildlife image creators to fill the frame with small subjects, such as birds, at its minimum focusing distance. Optical image stabilization is up to 4.5 stops* of shake correction and includes three IS operation modes. When using the RF1.4x or RF2x extenders, users can experience enhanced effective focal lengths of 1,120mm and 1,600mm respectively.


The RF1200mm F8 L IS USM is the most powerful super-telephoto lens in the Canon RF lens line and weighs just 7.4 lbs. Pretty light for a super-tele lens of this type and features a minimum focusing distance of 14.1ft/4.3m. Optical image stabilization is up to 4.0 stops* of shake correction and, similar to the RF800mm F5.6 L IS USM lens, includes three IS operation modes. When using the RF1.4x or RF2x extenders, users can experience enhanced focal lengths of 1,680mm and 2,400mm, respectively. 

DJI Ronin 4D

I‘ll let you in on a secret—I got to try a Ronin 4D earlier this year. I was so sad to have to send it back because I was just scratching the surface of possibilities.The Ronin 4D puts a new spin on shooting and I think it could bring an affordable way of shooting for people that want in on this type of production. The Ronin 4D reimagines what a camera can do by incorporating new full-frame Zenmuse X9 gimbal camera, active 4-axis stabilization, LiDAR focusing, and unmatched wireless transmission and control into a single unit.

Some features and capabilities of Ronin 4D will be updated from the original specifications. New firmware available that will allow the Remote Monitor to view and control the main monitor interface with “Mirror Control Mode,” allow a clean video stream over HDMI and SDI ports on the Remote Monitor Expansion Plate with no overlaid information, and support automatic calibration for some third-party auto lenses to realize LiDAR Focusing System functions. 

Newtek PTZ3


The Newtek PTZ3 is the first camera on the market to use NDI ®|HX 3, the latest development from NDI. Users can select NDI ®|HX 3 as an option for better video with reduced latency – using a fraction of the bandwidth. The PTZ3 is an affordable, IP-based pan-tilt-zoom camera that delivers high-quality, high-definition video to the network and interoperability with any of the applications that support NDI. With single cable connectivity, the PTZ3 allows everyone, including video professionals, technology managers, and A/V systems integrators to explore new ways to expand, grow, and evolve productions using their network, while simultaneously streamlining integration and installation by incorporating power over Ethernet.  

Panasonic Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Camera

The Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Camera from Panasonic is a beast that I need to review. The improved processing power of the Venus Engine enables fast sensor readouts for internal recording of 5.7K 30p in Apple ProRes 422 HQ, FHD 300p, and handheld 100MP photos. The GH6 properly exposes across 13+ stops, features in-body, sensor-shift stabilization, and can be worked  into VariCam footage with its pre-installed V-log image profile. Ultimately, the Panasonic GH6 is going to be a game changer. 

Sony Firmware update (Version 2.00) for full-frame Cinema Line camera, FX6

I am always glad when camera makers listen to their customers. I know because I’ve heard people asking for this feature for a while. Sony Electronics Inc. announced a new firmware update (Version 2.00) for full-frame Cinema Line camera, FX6. The firmware update includes AI-based Real-time Tracking — a long-awaited Auto Focus feature that enables extreme precision when tracking subjects.

Real-time Tracking uses color, pattern (brightness) and distance (depth) data to process spatial information in real time and AI detects and keeps track of the subject’s eye and face for tenaciously high accuracy.

The Cool Factor In Gear

Is there something on this list that sounds right for you or your next production? I bet there is. Production both old school and new school is out there. There is no wrong way to make pictures, just your way. So please, go shoot and edit something already! Be safe and be well. 

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