The Best Office Chairs for Video Editing


Let’s face it: we’re doing a lot of sitting — whether it’s at your home “editing bay,” in front of your social feed, or for your favorite game. So get the right chair for the job.

This is definitely a subject I never thought I’d cover for this blog. However, our current circumstances have lead a majority of the world to working from home. So, upgrading your seat might be one of the best things you can do to adjust to your new workspace.

Man Working on His Computer

Working from home should be a comfortable experience. Image via LStockStudio.

When the mandatory work from home orders came down, I began turning our guest bedroom into a home office. I already had a desk, but I didn’t have anything that resembled a normal office chair. I went for the antique chair — given to me by my parents ages ago — that had never seen any real usage. And, for about the first hour, it sufficed. However, as the day wore on, everything about it began to tear away my mental stability. The creaks that accompanied every slight adjustment, the complete lack of any true lumbar support, the unforgiving wooden base — devoid of cushion — made me realize that a new work chair was necessary, and I needed it ASAP!

I decided there might be others like me — editing, typing, gaming for more extended periods than normal at their home desks — looking to give their posteriors a much-needed break. So, I did some research into the best office chairs for working from home and am passing along what I learned.

Okay, then. Let’s look at some chairs.

Affordable Comfort — AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair

This swivel chair has a nice look, great price tag, and is extremely comfortable. Image via Amazon.

This is the route I went, and price was definitely a factor — as I imagine it is for you, too. It has a great feel, the angles of the arm rests are perfect for me, and it has adjustable height and lumbar support. The bonded leather cushion is extremely comfortable, but this chair does tend to run hot, as it doesn’t have a breathable back and just absorbs all of your body heat. It has smooth movement and the assembly took me all of twenty minutes — the directions were extremely easy to follow. For about $100, this chair is an excellent option.

Affordable Comfort — AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Office Desk Chair

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Office Desk Chair

This amazing chair has a beefy build and great support. Image via Amazon.

I wanted to add that AmazonBasics also makes a Big & Tall office chair, for those looking for more support and a wider seat. Of course, it’s more expensive than the normal high-back version and looks slightly different. This chair can support up to 500 pounds and is beloved by those in search of a chair with a beefier build.

Stylish Affordability — SOHO Ribbed Management Office Chair


SOHO Ribbed Management Office Chair

The SOHO office chair is decently priced and stylish. Image via Laura Davidson Direct.

It’s hard for me to recommend an office chair as being affordable when it comes in around $250, but when you start to research these chairs, you realize they can get expensive. In fact, a majority of them are. This is a sleek chair that — if you don’t want your home office to have an intolerable eye-sore sitting behind your desk — might be a great option for you. (It might even tie the room together.) Not only is this chair stylish, it’s also quite comfortable. Personally, I prefer a chair with a high back for working long hours.

Best Gaming Chair — GTRACING High-Back Gaming Chair

GTRACING High-Back Gaming Chair

This awesome gaming chair comes with two support pillows. Image via GTRACING.

A sturdy, comfortable build, this chair comes with additional support in the form of pillows — one designed for your head, the other for your lower back — that provide extra lumbar support and can even help maintain positive posture. Gaming chairs are different in that they should be tall enough to reach the top of the user’s head, they should have adjustable armrests so you can customize where your hands land on the keyboard, and they should be comfortable enough to keep you cozy for hours at a time. These are actually a great resource for editors, as well, but only if you can get over how hideous most of the chairs are.

Comfort over Cost — Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Although pricey, this chair is incredibly comfortable and built to keep you cool. Image via HermanMiller.

To be fair, I’ve never had the chance to glide around in this incredible office chair (that normally costs over a thousand bucks), but I would absolutely love to. Actually, at the time of this post, some websites are offering this chair at 50 percent off. So, if you’ve been tossing around the idea of a major investment in your home office, this might be your chance. This chair has incredible reviews, it’s highly touted by critics, and it’s the type of chair that makes sitting the least of your worries. Ergonomic, good for posture, comfortable, and basically adjustable in every single way (which you’d hope for in a chair that usually costs a grand). The other great thing about this chair is that it has a mesh backing, so it keeps you cool while you pound away at the keyboard.

Stylish and Expensive — Humanscale Freedom Headrest

Humanscale Freedom Headrest

This chair is worth the price — comfortable, classy, and great functionality. Image via Humanscale.

If money had been no object in my quest to replace the antique chair in my office, this is the chair I would’ve bought. It has a stunning design and peak comfort, and the chair will actually adjust its recline function to each sitter. It starts at $1,169, before you decide to add any accessories — like the $73 coat hanger — which is right there in the ballpark of being able to buy yourself a brand new BMPCC4K. Usually, I’d make a smug or jealous comment here, roasting Humanscale for their over-the-top poshness by listing this chair’s designer, Niels Diffrient, as if it was Paris Fashion Week. But no, this chair is phenomenal. Even The New York Times has called this chair “the gold standard in office seating.” Hats off to you, Niels.

Ball Chairs — Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair

Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair

This ball chair promotes a positive posture, while activating core muscles for a slight workout. Image via Vivora.

The ball chair movement has never really intrigued me, but there are those that swear by them. Ball chairs are meant to promote good posture, activate your core muscles, and make you look slightly ridiculous — all at the same time. Made by Vivora Luno, the balls are aesthetically a league above the competition. They include a handle (making them easier to relocate) and have almost flawless reviews. Bounce the day away in your home office with one of these stylish balls and gain some positive health benefits, as well.

Cover image via fizkes.

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