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Florida is one of the most attractive states for tourists, new residents, and filmmakers. The film industry in this state is among the top three in the country, and there are some good reasons for it. Accessibility to various landscapes, excellent business climate, fantastic weather, and the ability to find a great crew attracts many directors to the Sunshine State. That’s why we wanted to share the selection of the best movies set in Florida and show why it’s such a great location to shoot films. 

Edward Scissorhands 

The sunshine and colorful landscapes of Florida served in making a somewhat greyish movie. Edward Scissorhands is a 1990 film by Tim Burton depicting an outcast born with scissors instead of hands. Johnny Depp portrays a harsh-looking but rather sensitive and romantic guy who tries to fit in a ‘normal’ neighborhood. It’s a beautiful story about acceptance, differences, and the fact that everyone deserves a chance.


One of the best movies set in Florida is undoubtedly a 1983 remake of the film Scarface. It’s one of the most popular movies ever, and even those who haven’t watched it probably saw some of the scenes and characters. Directed by Brian De Palma, the movie tells a  story about a drug lord called Tony Montana. Scarface is set in Miami, one of Florida’s most filmed locations.  Al Pacino plays this fantastic role and gives an authentic signature to the movie. Even though it’s not a movie for everyone, due to scenes of violence, it’s still one of the best movies of American filmography. 


If you’re even slightly into Sci-Fi, you’ve probably already seen Armageddon. Known for amazing disaster scenes, great acting of Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler, and a remarkable soundtrack, it’s no wonder that this film belongs to the list of the best movies filmed in Florida. And if you haven’t watched it yet – tonight is the night to do it!

Truman Show

The movie that made us all think is a story about the make-believe life of Truman Burbank. He lives a life followed by a huge audience, not knowing everything is a reality show. The movie is shot in an actual location and not in a studio/stage. The filming took place in Seaside, Florida. It’s no wonder why producers choose the location for filming –  a master-planned neighborhood in Panhandle seems perfect for a movie. Truman Show is dramatic, unique, and leaves a powerful impression on viewers from a modern world. Jim Carrey’s fantastic acting adds to the movie’s success. 

Marley and me

Even though it is defined as comedy and drama – you’re going to need some tissues. Marley is a dog and the main character of the movie. The story follows his life and the way he becomes a part of a family. The stars of the movie are Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, and even if you don’t have a pet – you’re going to love this movie! It’s a beautiful family story, and you shouldn’t miss it. 

Apollo 13

Ron Howard has made this amazing movie which earned its stars Oscar nominations. It is a story about NASA’s attempt to go to the Moon, and the main stars include Kevin Bacon, Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Ed Harris, and many others. Based on real events, the movie depicts an accurate image of this historical, nearly disastrous moment in the history of space exploration. 


The movie that won the Oscar award and was named the best movie of the 2010s – Moonlight. It follows the life of a black man and his struggles with sexuality, adulthood, and identity. It’s an extremely important movie about forgiveness and finding your true self, and something to watch as soon as possible

The Birdcage

Another movie that deals with expressing sexuality in front of others is a 1996 remake called the Birdcage. Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are gay parents who try hard to play straight, so their son can introduce them to his fiancée’s family. Even though it’s a comedy, it sends a strong message and deals with an important topic of today’s world. 

Dolphin Tale 

One of the best movies set in Florida is excellent for a unique reason – you can even visit the movie’s main star! The dolphin that played in this movie is called Winter, and those coming to Florida can see him at Clear Marine Aquarium. It is a great film, and the whole family can enjoy it.

Moving to Florida to start a business?

As we have mentioned, Florida is a popular place for new businesspeople as many of its cities have an excellent business climate. So, if reading about these movies set in Florida has inspired you to move and start a business in the Sunshine State, you have a lot of good options. Florida has many new residents who are looking for a way to develop their careers, even outside the film industry. There are several reasons for it:

    • tax climate is conducive to business ownersmany tax redemptions; for instance, no personal income tax is the reason why so many business owners decide to start right here;


  • low cost of living makes it easier to spend your money just the way you want it;
  • it’s a pool of talents for those looking for a crew in the film industry, but generally, Florida has a solid labor market;
  • high quality of life;
  • developed infrastructure – makes it easy to function on a daily basis, get supplies, travel, relocate film equipment, etc.;
  • an excellent climate – last but not least, never-ending summer is what Florida’s residents love the most.

However, starting a business here takes some effort and planning. So, if reading about the best movies set in Florida gave you an idea to take this step, make sure you have a solid business plan and get all the necessary permits to register your business. You’ll also need to find a way to fund your business – luckily, there are several ways to do that. In general, setting up a business is not that difficult, but be sure to follow all the steps and start stress-free.

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