Seven Quick and Easy Ways for Video Producers to Share Video Online


Producers often have to share large video files at work, and regular emails can’t do it. Then file sharing services come to the rescue. That is, platforms where you can quickly and securely transfer video files weighing tens of gigabytes. Their advantage is speed and the ability to control access and retention period. You can exchange video via a link, email, or QR code, and in most cases, it is free. We have collected seven services for transferring video files – watch, choose, and enjoy!

MediaFire is a sharing service, using and transferring files such as videos that can be enjoyed from any device. It has unlimited bandwidth, supports hundreds of simultaneous downloads, and can hold up to 100 TB of data. The main advantages of the service are:

  • The base storage is 10 GB.
  • The maximum storage capacity is 100 TB.
  • The total size of a single file is 20 GB.
  • Share and download ad-free.
  • Direct and password-protected links.
  • One-time links to control access to files.
  • Custom branding on paid plans.
  • Mobile applications for iOs and Android.
  • Downloadable for Windows and Mac.

It is a fast file sharing service that ensures on-time delivery. No plugins, and send up to 5TB at once! Discover their flexible options:

  • Pricing. MASV charges $0.25 per gigabyte of data downloaded.
  • The desktop app will recover automatically and deliver at the fastest possible transfer speed.
  • Portals are the fastest and most secure way to receive large video, audio, and media files from anyone, anywhere.

WeTransfer is a cloud-based file sending service where you can share, store and create your boards and folders. With it, you can easily save and share links, images, videos, and audio up to 2 GB in size with like-minded people – for free, up to 20 GB on paid plans. Let’s highlight the main advantages:

  • The amount of transferred data is up to 20 GB.
  • Share via email.
  • The maximum number of addresses is 50 people.
  • Password protection.

Zippyshare is a service for sending files without a limit on operations. Here you can share small video files weighing up to 500 MB and store them for up to 30 days. The service works only in a browser. It is entirely free and is suitable for those who do not often share files or do not need to store them on cloud media for a long time. Let’s highlight the main advantages:

  • The maximum size of each file is 500 MB.
  • High download speed.
  • The storage period is 30 days after the last call.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Unlimited disk space.

JustBeamit is a browser-based service that makes it easy to transfer and download files. You drag one or several video files into a special window and create a link for sharing in one click. Do not delay the transfer – the link will be valid for 10 minutes. Let’s highlight the main advantages:

  • Fast file transfer.
  • Ability to transfer multiple files at a time.
  • The link is valid for 10 minutes.
  • Security: files are not stored on the server.

BigFile is a free file upload and download service. You can set a limit on the number of downloads or link expiration date; the password protects the data and shares it with an unlimited number of users. The main advantages are:

  • The maximum video file size is 50 GB.
  • The shelf life is up to 35 days.
  • High download speed up to 1000 Mbps.
  • Unlimited access for the entire storage period.
  • The function of setting a password for a file or group of files. is a file sharing and file hosting service that can connect your network drive for simplified data exchange. Within the service, you can create a public profile – a digital content store where you will transfer, store and publish files for sale. Main advantages:

  • File sizes – up to 30 GB without restrictions.
  • Unlimited space up to 1 month.
  • Access password for folders and expiring links.
  • Website embedding and integration.
  • File browsing and downloading statistics.
  • Comments and voting on files.

Video transfer services for producers can be used for business and work. It is much easier to transfer archives of videos for several quarters or footage for advertising with the help of file hosting services. Some services have additional functions, such as storing and editing files, while others specialize in data transfer – nothing extra, quickly and easily. Many are free, have mobile apps, are built into the browser, or integrated into your website. Choose your file sharing service and share large amounts of data in two clicks.


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