Royalty Free Music Playlist: Hypnotic Electro-Pop


Take a midnight drive to this collection of the best moody electro-pop royalty-free music tracks from our music library.

These darkly addictive royalty-free music tracks are perfect for instilling a thoughtful, reflective feeling throughout your project. Featuring hypnotic beats and smoldering textures, these electro-pop tracks offer an introspective escape from the rush and pressures of daily life.

The Perfect Video for These Tracks

When you look through our library, you’ll find very different types of electronic sounds and artists to listen through. One electronic song might seem like it fits a corporate retreat recap video or a party montage. In contrast, another electronic song might sound better as the background music for a yoga class.

However, we’ll try and meet somewhere in the middle with this electro-pop playlist. Earlier, we used the word “hypnotic” when describing the effect of this music, and I think that’s the most significant distinction you can make when considering what type of video you’re working on. Do you want your audience to get lost in the visuals without the audio distracting them in a big way?

This type of electro-pop is excellent for playing underneath your dialogue or simply serving as a companion to the visuals you present, without ever being too overbearing for viewers. The playlist is filled with tracks that have a calm, meditative vibe that relaxes your viewers without putting them to sleep. Tutorials, video essays, vlogs, documentaries, and corporate presentations are the best types of videos to fit this music.

My best advice to start searching through our library is to filter your search through the Genres section. So be sure to choose “Electronic,” then you can filter even further with our subgenres listed underneath this. To find these “hypnotic” electro-pop beats, I think choosing the “Chill Out” or even the “Trip-Hop” filters. This will give you hundreds of “chiller” options with the electronic sound you’re looking for. If you want to be even more specific with your search, you can set the BPM to somewhere between 70-90 BPM for that particular type of hypnotic pop we’re looking for.

Royalty-free electro-pop can give your project a fantastic, relevant sound while creating a dreamy atmosphere that will make you think.

If your video project lacks this vibe, these chilled-out royalty-free music tracks curated from the PremiumBeat music library will do the trick. The PremiumBeat Standard License covers most usage, including ALL web videos (Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.). Find the perfect royalty-free music track below to bring your audience the right amount of zen and darkness.

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