Royalty Free Music for Travel Videos and Vlogs


Enhance and inspire around-the-world travels with a royalty-free music playlist to echo the liberating experience of travel. 

Traveling the world and making videos out of it is undoubtedly a jackpot for content creators. This is a fantastic way to inspire those who want to travel, share beautiful locations and cultures with your audience, and make extra money from this enjoyable adventure. Travel vloggers are sure to influence vacation activities by finding those luxurious sandy beaches and astounding viewpoints of majestic landscapes. 

Music has immense power to inject life into the visual content, whether that’s a sunrise view from a cliff top, a lit-up skyline of a bustling city, or the crashing waves on an elegant beach. These inspiring and optimistic tracks can encourage the viewer’s inner explorer to visit such beautiful places. Finding the perfect soundtrack to accompany those moments of exploration can boost your travel vlog to the next level. 

The playlist opens with a bright and groovy soundtrack, Vacay Vibes by Delicate Beats. The funky electric guitar and synth sounds enhance that vacation freedom. Heart to Soul by Bamako Bae enriches that carefree mood with an afrobeat groove, blissful horn, and keyboard sounds. 

Ambient Shine by Vicate Studios is a perfect track for illuminating city lights and exciting nightlife. Lights Glow by Northern Points brightens those city landscapes with electronic ripples that layer on top of pulsating chords. 

Something more dreamlike and warmer for those sunset views, Over The Top by Big Score Audio has that serene quality. The floating marimba cascades over smooth string textures and steel drums, ideal for a relaxing and gratifying vacation. Late Night Swim by MVMT Music provides a more downtempo yet punchy groove for a more lavish experience. 

Our music team has curated this playlist tailored to travel videos. This selection of tracks can set the tone and perfectly complement the adventurous energy.


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