RF 16mm 2.8 and RF 100-400mm


Canon continues to add to and improve upon their stellar RF lineup, inching their way closer and closer to eliminating EF lenses.

If you’re a Canon fan, today was a good day. Coming in hot off the announcement of the new Canon EOS R3, which seems to be an absolute beast for photographers, they’ve also announced two new lenses added to their incredible RF lineup.

The first, a small, durable, and capable wide lens that will surely find its way into any landscape photographer‘s camera bag. Second, a monster of a telephoto lens that will almost definitely be any wildlife or sports photographer‘s go-to glass.

Let’s look at the specs.


16mm Canon
The new 16mm f/2.8 in all its wide glory. Image via Canon.

First up, let’s get wide. This little workhorse comes with a fast f/2.8 maximum lens aperture, as well as incredibly robust auto-focus capability. Canon has touted this lens to be the perfect companion for anybody regularly shooting architectural or landscape work.

This thing would also do well for anyone shooting real estate-type work. They’ve described it as a “vloggers best friend,” which, if you consider the type of shots and work vloggers do, it makes sense.

Additional features of Canon’s new ultra-wide-angle prime lens with 16mm focal length f2.8 include: 

  • STM motor for smooth focusing when recording video
  • Compact size and light weight—similar to RF50mm f1.8 STM
  • Minimum focus distance of 5.11”
  • Maximum magnification of 0.26x
  • 43mm filter thread



100-400 Telephoto Lens
The new 100-400mm telephoto beast. Image via Canon.

Now, the EOS R3 seems to be presented as an end-all be-all to the sports and news coverage photographer’s dream. Following that logic, this lens will go perfect with anyone needing a long, documentary-friendly telephoto lens.

Here’s what Canon had to say about it:

For the first time in a non-L-series lens, the RF100–400mm will accept optional Canon RF 1.4x and 2x tele extenders, offering even more telephoto potential in a lightweight package. Yes, the Canon RF100–400mm is an excellent gateway into the world of wildlife, nature, and sports photography. However, this lens and its super-telephoto abilities can also be leveraged for the video content creator or vlogger when compiling B-roll-type footage, or for subjects who are at a distance.

– Canon

So, yet again, they’re aiming for the vlogger crowd. Interesting, don’t you think?

Additional features of the Canon RF100-400mm include:

  • High image quality—similar to the well-regarded EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM
  • 100-400mm telephoto zoom range
  • Accepts optional Canon RF 1.4x and 2x extenders
  • F5.6 – F8 variable maximum aperture
  • Easy hand-held operation—lighter than EF70-300 IS II lens
  • Up to 5.5-Stops, optical IS, and 6-stops correction with coordinated IS
  • Nano USM for high-speed and smooth AF
  • Smooth and nearly silent AF during video recording
  • Superb close-focusing—at 400mm, excellent 0.41x magnification  
  • 9-blade aperture, for smooth backgrounds/foregrounds
  • 67mm filter thread


Scheduled to be available in October 2021.

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Cover image via Canon.


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