Remote post-production in Brazil


Not only have we adapted our workflows and embraced virtual collaboration and production tools for remote post-production, but we’ve also brought these benefits and efficiencies to other aspects of our work. Live streaming, for example, has enabled our Brazilian film crew to go out and shoot everything from documentaries to corporate interviews, with directors in New York or London following camera feeds in (almost) real-time and directing the shots from afar. Crews that might once have travelled to Brazil to film are outsourcing that to us, saving on time and production costs. 

One thing that hasn’t changed in 2020 is the power of good story telling. This is still at the heart of what we do, whether we’re the creative drivers of a production or bringing someone else’s vision to life. “We tell universal stories and make the connection between the global and the local context. This is our DNA,” says Nick Story, founder of Story Productions. “We are a multi-lingual team with people from different countries, based in Brazil. This is why we understand exactly what our international clients expect from us, and what the final audience expects from the production. We’re 100% aligned with our clients. Remote post-production services are just a logical consequence of a whole shift change in the way we work, from pre- right through to post-production”.

This global mindset coupled with having our feet firmly rooted in Brazil is what makes us the perfect partner for companies either looking to outsource the filming of a production in Brazil, or use the pool of creative talent that Brazil has to offer for post-production work, from animation to motion graphics, editing, sound design, foley and original music composition.


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