Post-Production Pivoting to Remote Workflows with OpenDrives


With COVID-19 corporate shut downs and a massive shift to remote or furloughed workforce, the post-production industry and their teams have been one of the hardest hit. Teams are scrambling for solutions with a limited remote workforce that allows post-production projects to continue while maintaining social distance. 

Most businesses have already built out costly physical infrastructures to meet the intense demands of content pipelines, but haven’t worked through the difficult task of implementing and supporting remote workflows. Project leads are now scrambling for “remote solutions” — looking to more traditional “Take Out” and “Cloud” models — which can be prohibitive in performance, collaboration, cost-efficiency and setup.  

OpenDrives, the company behind media and entertainment’s network-attached-storage (NAS) solution for high-performing workflows, is now delivering OpenDrives Anywhere, an in-place private cloud model that enables numerous creatives with OpenDrives to work on the same post production projects from multiple locations, even at home 

OpenDrives, the company behind post-production’s intelligent and trusted network-attached-storage (NAS) solution, has developed a third option — OpenDrives Anywhere that provides remote workers with the capabilities and performance necessary to carry out workflows efficiently. Every OpenDrives shared storage solution can deliver this capability and remote workflow, without compromise in performance. 

“Opendrives was founded by veteran Hollywood film editors, colorists, data engineers to studio heads, and everything in-between. This gives us a unique understanding of the pain points teams are facing and the critical demand for a ‘new normal’ to keep our industry alive now and into the future,”  said Sean Lee, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at OpenDrives. “We’ve done extensive testing to ensure OpenDrives Anywhere meets the same level of performance customers deserve and need… right here, right now.” 

OpenDrives views performance holistically. An editor needs to be able to sit down at a workstation, tap the spacebar, have video play instantaneously, scrub flawlessly, and render at top speeds without worrying about all the IT logistics. With existing office infrastructure, teams already have an in-place private cloud and can extend its power to each of remote professionals. No reinvestment in storage is needed — OpenDrives supports this infrastructure with the performance teams expect and need.

Plus, nothing changes from a workflow perspective except physical proximity. With simple adjustments, remote control of existing enterprise workstations can be extended via a secure connection. HP’s ZCentral Remote Boost (formerly RGS) software will facilitate remote access over secure connection to workstations, or Teradici can provide both dedicated external hardware and software solutions for this purpose, giving teams the ability to support collaborative workflows at very low cost. 

OpenDrives Anywhere is available to existing and new customers, and can get teams quickly set up in under two hours on your corporate VPN and under 24 hours without. To learn more about or for a live and remote demo, email or visit this link.


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