New Music: Fresh Royalty-Free Tracks for August 2022


Summer is almost over, and the days are slowly getting shorter. We’re on the home stretch before fall so let’s savor this moment, relish that final bit of sunshine and enjoy some fresh new royalty-free tracks for the wonderful month of August.

The playlist is curated by our music team, selecting fresh new tracks from our very talented composers. From bossa novas, and laidback lo-fi to punk rock and orchestral textures. This wide variety has something for everyone. 

There’s nothing more soothing than some carefree acoustic guitar, but to make it even more amazing, a bossa nova. Na Cachoeira Tem Sereias by Pitanga Fina is a great track to put a smile on anyone’s face, with a charming vocal lead and an uplifting vibe. Rolling Down The Road is another bright and bouncy track with R&B elements, perfect for projects with that party atmosphere. 

Chill vibes can also help with focus, and lo-fi will do just the trick. Always Wanna Fly by Dope Cat is a downtempo and warm track, with shimmering synths, a great fell-good track. Keeping it laidback but with that extra punch, Synthwave At The Beach by Julian Bell also has iridescent synth textures that layers on a Chillwave groove. 

For punk rock lovers, Hot Shot Baby by Shadow Kitten is striking. With bold female lead vocals and, a driving electric guitar, hard-hitting drums, this track is killer and creates an inspiring yet rebellious mood. For a heavier groove, Slash Grind by Wolves moves toward death metal. The gritty and distorted guitar and dynamic drum pattern certainly creates that aggressive and compelling tone. 

Lush orchestral string textures will never expire for content creators due to their great versatility. Repeating History by Kevin Maison is solemn, and reflective but beautiful. Slowly pulsating string chords with tons of reverb exposing higher frequencies that glisten over the texture. It builds to a more percussive and cinematic tone. Gripping Thriller by Emmet Cooke is a perfect tension builder with harsh-sounding string textures and haunting underlying drones for those looking for something darker. 

Take a listen below to this excellent selection of tracks for the month of August. The wide variety of genres and multiple sonorities are very versatile, perfect for those new and upcoming project ideas.


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