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Jazz music will forever soothe the soul and is a perfect way to start the day. Here is a selection of royalty-free tracks for those looking for the jazz vibe for your online content. 

The mellow and cozy sonorities of jazz music can be complementary to your morning routines. Sitting by the window enjoying a cup of coffee and admiring the morning light, these royalty-free tracks set the mood for those relaxing moments.

A gentle and smooth opening to this playlist, So Sentimental by Faberge, provides a light swing feel, featuring a characteristic female vocal lead. It emulates a romantic vibe with the carefree piano solo and overall warm textures. The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else by Jazz Standards is a dream-like jazz ballad. Another romantic and sentimental track with a soothing male vocal lead interjected delightful flute solos. 

Want to transport your viewers to the ever-so-romantic location of France? Les Joies Éphémères by Aulx Studio is a perfect choice. The calming French female vocals and sultry electric guitar accompaniment will ensure a feel-good vibe to your videos. For a more dance-like and wistful feel, Valse French by Adieu Adieu is great for those optimistic and light-hearted moments.

For those who are huge instrumental jazz fans, Tin Roof Blues by Jazz Standards has brilliantly interwoven solos from woodwind and brass instruments. The raspy and lax nature of the vocals is perfect for that dose of nostalgia. Additionally, All My Dreams by JAM Studios provide that old-fashioned and gentle feeling. This track is short and sweet, with the cheerful nature of the ukulele accompaniment and heart-warming vocal line. 

Love Comes Along by The Commanders provides another lively and playful environment, along with the unique tones of the muted trumpet motifs. And let’s not forget about the suave timbre of the saxophone, The Cherry Tree by Bridget Barkan is a slick track for that sly and relaxed atmosphere. 

The playlist below is selected by our music team, with a variety of jazz tracks to heighten that relaxing and stress-free morning ambiance to your videos. Each track is royalty-free.

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