Music Showcase: Royalty Free Classic Christmas Songs


The holiday season is underway; every wall is covered head to toe in decorations, outdoor lights beaming a kaleidoscope of colors, and if you’re lucky, snowflakes are falling. Christmas music has a unique ability to evoke feelings of warmth, nostalgia, and joy. Its beautiful melodies and heartwarming lyrics transport listeners to a magical world of snow-covered landscapes and cozy firesides. From classic carols to modern pop hits, Christmas music has the power to bring people together and remind us of the true meaning of the holiday season.

The festive season is also the perfect time for fresh new content, whether that’s Holiday vlogs or a festive campaign. Need some royalty-free festive music tracks? We’ve got you covered. From instrumental renditions of carols to original joyous tracks, there’s a plethora of music for you to choose from. Get those Santa hats on and get creating!

Jonathan Boyle’s We Wish You A Fun Christmas is opening this holiday season playlist. A cheerful and light-hearted instrumental track with festive flutes and groovy electric guitars in a boogie-woogie style. For a more enchanting mood, A Christmas Gift by Swan Productions emulates a warm and gentle Christmas sound from the twinkling orchestral swells.

For a more mysterious holiday track, Christmas Mystery by Taizo Audio brings that cinematic vibe to your videos. Perfect for elevating a grand yet noble mood. Dream-like tracks also never miss, especially with Sarah Chapman’s Ethereal Christmas. An excellent, dreamy track built with smooth choral textures, delicate strings, and sleigh bells for that extra delight.

This bouncy and playful track will undoubtedly add a sprinkle of celebration to your projects. The Toy Maker by Little Red Church is a bubbly track with dramedy elements, laid with high-spirited woodwind, strings, and light percussion for a cheerful vibe. Furthermore, string quartet arrangements are ideal for the Christmas spirit. Deck The Halls (String Quartet) by Harpo Marks is a lovely rendition of this joyous melody, great for uplifting the jolly mood.

What about a Christmas track, but it’s Jazz? Taxi In The Snow by The Comandeers is a tender and jazzy waltz, with a soothing saxophone solo interspersed with sleigh bells for a cozy feel. Or maybe a bit of swing? The Holly And The Ivy Swing is an upbeat and festive swing-style track; the fast tempo and festive textures create extra excitement.


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