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Wedding season will be upon us before you know it. For videographers, that means there’ll be wedding video shoots on the horizon followed by some oh-so-scary editing right after. I like to say there are two tiers to the wedding gig, there’s the first tier comprised of booking the wedding and then shooting it – which is a monster in itself, then you have the post-production on the whole thing which is just that – a whole thing. Each step requires an insane amount of preparation and work to get you to the finish line.

Every little bit of preparation you can do — for both the actual shoot and the post-production phase — can give you an advantage in this competitive field. Wedding videography is a hot commodity right now with the rise in popularity of TikTok (couples want to share videos of their wedding on social). To make sure that you’re well-equipped for the upcoming season, we’ve compiled all our favorite tools for wedding videographers, including royalty-free music, video assets, stock footage, and helpful freebies.

In other words, here’s everything you need to get ahead of the game, make jaw-dropping wedding videos, and keep growing your client list.

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Get Perfect Wedding Music

Whatever stylistic approach your clients request for their video, your music choices help you achieve it. That’s why when we curated our wedding playlist, we made sure to cover a wide range of styles, including indie vocal tracks, feel-good instrumentals, and plenty more. There are seriously thousands of tracks to choose from that have that specific “wedding” sound that you need, regardless of the couple’s style and aesthetic requests. Recently I wrote about how to search through our library which you can check out here.

Another added benefit is that you can download previews of our tracks to show your clients in advance, this way if they don’t like the mood or vibe of a track you’ve selected – they can give you notes without you running up the budget on wasted tracks! Ensuring your client gets what they want is the most important part of this whole thing.

It also should be noted that all tracks are royalty-free and 100 percent copyright clear. You just need to pick up a music license, and then you can reuse your tracks in as many projects as you need. So even if you have multiple wedding videos lined up, one track can go a long way! Great wedding video music is just a step away.

Ultimate Wedding Video Guide + Freebies

From managing client expectations and contracts to creating a high-quality end product, our Wedding Videographer’s Guide shows you all the professional wedding video tricks and secrets. This guide contains some of the most important aspects of shooting a wedding that you might not think about like waivers, schedules, and shot lists to have on hand. There’s so much that goes into a wedding it’s easy to get wrapped up with only thinking about the actual shooting rather than the logistics.

Inside the guide we’ve included, you can download a free shot list, equipment checklist, light leaks, and more! When the big day comes around, you’ll look as professional as ever and you’ll be ready.

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Now we’ve published many, many, many more freebies since we originally published this article that will benefit your next wedding edit. Whether it’s volumetric-esque lighting overlays or lens flares, we’ve got more than enough free assets that will get you to that finish line!

In addition to releasing several freebies that could help you on your next shoot, we’ve also written extensively on the subject. Whether you want some general shooting advice for the ceremony and reception, or just want some gear recommendations, we’ve got something for everyone on the blog that was all written by experienced wedding videographers and video editors. Check them out below!

Stunning Wedding After Effects Templates

Our friends over at RocketStock have bundled together a collection of After Effects templates, each designed specifically to enhance wedding videos.

With their Wedding After Effects Bundle, you can give your project an extra layer of elegance with logo reveals, slideshows, titles, and more. Check out the bundle now! This bundle offers more than enough assets to fit whatever theme or look your client is going for. You can tweak the colors if you have to match a certain visual motif, as well as customize the assets in whatever way your client needs.

Also, shameless plug but if you found you missed a shot on the big day you can always find beautiful B-roll to fill in the gaps of your edit with HD and 4K stock footage from Shutterstock. I’ve done this a dozen times after a shoot and has saved me from scrapping together a boring video filled with similar shots.

Did this list of resources and wedding freebies help you out? Be sure to read up on the rest of our wedding video resources.


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