Moment Announces Their New 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter


In Moment’s first foray into the world of big glass, they burst onto the scene with an overpriced anamorphic adapter.

Moment recently announced their new 1.33x Anamorphic Lens Adapter Kickstarter campaign. The announcement came in the form of a video breaking down the lens, what to expect in terms of specs and quality, and some test footage.

So the 1.33x squeeze will take 16:9 footage and bring it to 2.35:1, which you can see in the test footage below. This width is aspect ratio, along with “subtle roll-off of the sharpness” and the classic lens flares you’ve come to love and associate with anamorphic lenses, are all the big selling points for the adapter. Overall, the test footage looks pretty good for 1.33x.

Here are the overall specs on the adapter: 

  • Lens Type: Front Anamorphic Lens Adapter
  • Construction: 6 Elements / 4 Groups
  • Squeeze Ratio: 1.33x
  • Focus: Front Single Focus
  • F-Number (max): 2.0
  • Close Focus: 0.7m
  • Focus Rotation: 180 deg
  • Rear Prime (S35): 35mm-100mmI +
  • Rear Prime (Full Frame): 50mm-100mm+
  • Prime Lens Focus: Infinity
  • Front Filter Size: 82 mm
  • Rear Aperture: 44mm
  • Coatings: Gold Flare
  • Rear Mount: M67 x 0.75 thread
  • Product Length: 77.6mm – 92mm (Without lens cap)
  • Weight: 880g

What to Expect

The biggest question that the video doesn’t mention is the lens single focus. With it, you can focus your taking lens to infinity, and then focus the image with the adapter on the end. So this really comes down to the style of shooting you do regularly and if the single focus system is suitable for that. 

One of the biggest complaints and “lack of” features is the 1.33x squeeze ratio instead of 1.5x or greater. This squeeze ratio isn’t going to give you the anamorphic distortion that shooters will be looking for when making the plunge into the anamorphic world. So, you won’t be getting the classic oval bokeh characteristic you’ve come to know and love or that real undefinable anamorphic quality you’d find with a greater squeeze factor.

However, if you use a vintage lens with this adapter, you could get a softer, more dreamy look that you might be going for. Still a bit of a stretch, though. Especially for spending over $1,000.

Also, I just looked at the Kickstarter again, and it seems like the adapter will be around $1300 when it begins production? Really?

The biggest pitch from the Moment team for the adapter is the orange horizontal flares you’ll get with the lens. This obviously a big selling point for shooters as that is inarguably the biggest defining characteristic of anamorphic. The key feature that separates this adapter from other adapters on the market is the button on the adapter that turns the lens to vertically fit whichever lens you’ve attached to the camera. The adapter locks off once you turn it using the button. No more screwing the adapter free trying to align it vertically with your lens. This addition is actually a very welcomed innovation that should help a lot of shooters while out in the field.

On the back of the adapter is a 67mm filter thread. However, Moment is including a 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm step-up ring to help ensure it fits whatever lens you have. You will probably need to buy a step-up ring to fit whatever lens you’re using, but at least they provide some alternatives!

Alternative Options

But, I have to say, while there are options out there like the Sirui Anamorphic 1.33x Lens, or the tried and true SLR Magic adapters, I can’t help but feel there are better alternatives for much cheaper that won’t take eight months to receive. There’s also the recent Laowa Anamorphic lens announcement (also a crowdfunding campaign), but with those, you’re getting an actual anamorphic lens, not an adapter—and for basically the same price. You can also buy bigger, cheaper anamorphic lenses now that won’t put you in debt for the rest of your life like they used to. 

For the price, it will be no for me, dog. There are other options for anamorphic adapters that are significantly cheaper than this. That being said, Moment says on their Kickstarter page that they will be releasing more lenses soon. So expect, maybe, a 1.5x or higher anamorphic adapter in the future. 

What’s the Point?

I dig some of Moment’s products and use them pretty regularly. The 10% Cinebloom filter is a staple of my kit, and I have also used their phone lenses. However, I have just kind of arrived at a point where if I see a brand releasing a product that already exists and doesn’t improve on the products that exist…then what’s the point?

Look, there’s also a part of me that is also always put off by companies taking advantage of their customers by having them fund the project. I get the business model. I do. You want to see if this is something people would be interested in, so you make the promotional material like this video and put it out there for people to either bite or not bite.

By all business standards, it makes sense. But it’s always kind of a gamble with crowdfunding. You never know how much time it’s really going to take before you get your hands on the product. Most importantly, you didn’t have to price it at around $1,000.

While I enjoy there being new products offered in the world of filmmaking. But, while more affordable options for entry-level shooters already exist, my plea is that they stop taking advantage of young shooters and their money.

Cover image via Moment.

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