Is DJI Secretly Working on Their Own Pro Video Camera?


Rumors and supposed leaked photos would suggest DJI is looking to make the jump from drones and gimbals into pro video cameras, as well.

File this under: Big, if true. Rumors picked up by and based on some supposed leaked photos released by the sleuth Twitter account @OsitaLV certainly look like proof that DJI is going to be making some major announcements soon.

While we should perhaps temper our expectations just a bit, in case this might turn out to be a (quite) elaborate hoax, we wouldn’t be doing our part as camera fans and commentators if we didn’t at least explore these rumors. So, let’s take a peek at these images to see how they might completely rock the industry.

The Future of OSMO

As you can see in the speculative images above, this new “future of OSMO” appears to indeed be some combination of DJI’s own pro video cameras, paired with their popular gimbal technology. 

As many Twitter users have surmised based on the grainy renders, it perhaps might be basically similar to DJI combining a variation of the Zenmuse X7 Super 35 camera (best known for its use with drones like the Inspire 2) with its own cinema camera gimbal and body.

Going off specs from the X7, this would include something along the lines of a 24MP CMOS sensor, fourteen stops of dynamic range, and shooting capabilities up to 6K CinemaDNG (5.2K Apple ProRes).

Is a DJI Pro Cinema Camera on the Way?

DJI Camera Leaks
DJI’s speculative Pro Cinema Cameras. Image via DIY Photography.

If true, this would be big news indeed for the Chinese manufacturer that has perhaps been best known for their stellar lines of commercial drones and professional gimbals and stabilizers. As pointed out in the DIYphotography piece, DJI already owns a majority stake in the Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad, so it certainly wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

It’s also worth noting that they have been developing cameras of their own for years, as well. While these haven’t been cinema cameras per se, the cameras contained in their compact and portable 4K DJI Pocket 2 and other Osmo Series have all proven to be quite capable and popular over the years.

More Rumors and Market Speculation

Also pointed out, this isn’t the first time there have been leaks from DJI for a camera or something similar to the above. Back in December 2020, the same Twitter account released images of a possible “new design” for the X7, built out as a “ground shooting device.” 

Although, much of this speculation was centered around the future of DJI’s Inspire line of drones and compatibility with the current X5 and X7 cameras. Still, regardless of when, where, and how DJI might unleash these new camera designs, it would certainly send ramifications across the industry.

As we’ve covered before, we’re in a crowded and competitive marketplace for digital video cameras. The hyper-popular $3,000 camera range has killer offerings from brands like Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Blackmagic Design, Fujifilm, and many more. And, further up are the myriad of cinema cameras designed for all manner of commercial, corporate, documentary, and narrative productions. So, the options seem almost endless.

Would adding DJI—with its noted pedigree for quality, innovation, and design—to the mix simply add more clutter to an already hectic market? Or, would it instantly become one of the best options on top of a robust crowd? We’ll wait until there are any official announcements with better renders and full specs before we decide, but rest assured, it’ll definitely be big, if true.

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Cover image via DIY Photography.


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