How Video Crews Are Creating High-Quality Results Without Stepping Foot On-Set


As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and what production crews are inventing during the pandemic will benefit the industry long after we round the COVID bend. If there’s a silver lining to necessities we wouldn’t volunteer to face, the inventions might top the list. 

In order to deliver pre-pandemic quality products while ensuring COVID-era safety measures, crews have been working on remote video production solutions.

How does a remote video production work? 

Sure, there are as many iPhones as there are stars in the (Samsung) Galaxy. And yes, you can send a talented editor a mountain of footage over the wonderful web. But should you? Are you going to feel good about the final product once COVID is in our rearview mirror?

At this point, we’ve all found some workarounds for our normal processes, right? In our experience:

  • People are less interested in getting on a plane during a pandemic
  • Budgets are tight and fully-staffed shoots are less feasible
  • Virtual events require more content than ever

Enter Remote Production

Producing from a distance has become more common. But without proper planning, it will be frustrating for everyone and you won’t get the results you want. Here’s an example of how it might look.

  1. You’ll Receive a Kit

You’ve got meal kits, craft kits, decoration kits. Why not a camera kit? 

You’ll receive a package including a high-quality camera equipped with a microphone, a lav mic for the interviewee, and detailed instructions on setup, which may be as simple as plugging a few cords in and pressing power. 

  1. Chat With The Video Crew 

While the video production team will configure the camera in advance, they may remote in to talk you through minor adjustments and/or control aspects of the process from their remote studio. They may also ask for a test shot or do a video chat with the interviewee to work out the bugs and set up the shot.

     3. Mail the Kit Back

The crew will take care of the packaging and provide pre-paid materials/insurance so you can simply pack it all up and send it back. 

What about cost?

Video professionals may charge a flat rate or a day rate, including prep, shipping, and collaboration. You’ll likely save cash without having to fly a crew in or set up a properly social-distanced in-person shoot, but be aware that in addition to the camera kit and shipping costs, crews will still invest a good bit of time and effort to pull this off.

Rest assured: They’ll make it as easy as possible for you and you’ll be happy with the results–something you can use forever!

Bottom Line

Are you convinced you should give it a try? Well let me tell you this if not: Even shows like Frontline are using this technique in place of previous practices. This is the best of both worlds when it comes to the safest and highest-quality video production.

Those “creatives” sure are creative, don’t you think? 

Give us a call at 720.531.9000 or visit when you’re ready to book something or filter by our brand new remote roles on crew profiles. Our crews are standing by to make your vision a reality! 


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