How to Tie Up Your Video Marketing Efforts to Your Brand

Recently, brands are shifting their focus towards video marketing due to the rise in people watching video content during the pandemic. In 2021, around 68 percent consumers stated that they preferred to watch videos about products or services over reading articles or going over infographics. This has already led to marketers and brands incorporating it within their strategies. 

Take a look at the survey below and you will realize how businesses have increased the use of video marketing to spread awareness and engage a wider customer base. From 2018 to the present, there has been a rise of 7 percent in the creation of video content. 

Image Source: Wyzowl State of Marketing Survey 2021

With different social media networks and web platforms, there are many ways that you can effectively tie up your video marketing efforts to your brand.

Highlight a Problem and Solve It 

This one highly successful way that you can tie up your efforts of video marketing to the brand. You can come up with a video campaign that centers on one or multiple real problems which may hold people back in their personal or professional lives. There can be a few short videos or a long explainer that could tell people how your product or service could solve that issue and help them succeed. 

For instance, consider a platform where people can sell used laptops for cash. In order to market their services successfully, the business could create engaging videos highlighting the way they might help customers get rid of their old machines easily. 

Such videos are able to generate a lot of engagement and get a high number of views as well. Quickbooks managed to gain a lot of attention with their ‘Backing You’ campaign where they focused on issues such as taxation and quick payments in their videos. By creating short 30 seconds video and featuring Danny Devito, the company was able to tell people how the software could help solve these problems quickly. 

Incorporate Explainer Videos About a Product or Service

By using explainer videos to promote your brand, you can not only stand out among competitors but also convince people to buy a product or avail certain services. This is quite effective for educating the users and helps boost traffic to the web page as well. 

According to a report, around 96 percent people have stated that they watch explainer videos to find out more information about products and brands. You can create videos that are less than a minute long and post them on your social media accounts. 

This way, potential customers will be able to get an idea of how your product works or what services you offer and make a purchasing decision. Other than that, brands can also use explained videos on the home page of their websites or incorporate them within product pages and categories. 

Asana effective used explainer videos in its marketing campaign to tell people about its features and introduce the app to new users as well. 

Improve Customer Support with FAQ Videos   

Now, it could be a bit tricky to focus your video marketing efforts in customer support. This would basically involve short videos answering the FAQs that people may have about your brand and its products or service. You could include expert advice or tips and tricks from employees to boost the credibility of your business as well. 

Some brands choose to go live on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and answer questions from people in real time. While this is a good marketing strategy with video, having small ones on your FAQ page allows potential customers to make a decision quickly. 

They can answers to all their common queries and get an insight into what your company does, its production process or about popular products and services. 

Create Engaging Testimonial Videos 

This is fairly simple and something that a lot of brands include in their video marketing strategies. With testimonial videos, you can encourage viewers and potential customers to trust your brand and rely on its items or the services offered. People are likely to buy from a business that has good reviews or is recommended by a friend or family member. 

It has been established that around 93 percent of consumers are influenced or make their purchasing decision based on online reviews. By creating testimonial videos that have engaging content and are authentic, you can attract a wider audience and convince them to invest in your brand. 

You can add a company logo for the duration of the video to help people become familiar with your visual brand identity as well. These testimonial videos can feature real customer sharing successful results or an emotional experience that helped them bring a lifestyle change. 

Some brands such as Amazon have achieved success by including statistics in their testimonial videos too. In the video below, the eCommerce giant uses testimonials from B2B clients as well to highlight the way the company can provide benefits to all kinds of people. 

Leverage Your Social Media Following 

You may already be aware of the impact that video marketing can have on the audience through various social media channels. If you leverage your following on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you could achieve a high return on investment with your strategy. 

There are many ways that you can stand out on these platforms by using video content. Brands such as Chipotle and Benefit have collaborated with influencers on multiple occasions and leveraged their social media following to promote new products. 

When you go live or share interactive videos on your social media pages, you can spread awareness about your brand and also increase engagement. It also requires minimal resources as you can make high quality videos with your smartphone or a video editor, and upload them on different networks. 

Use VR or AR to Provide an Immersive Experience 

In the past year, as people were restricted to their homes due to the lockdown in the pandemic, there was a significant rise in brands turning to Virtual and Augmented Reality. By using videos to showcase your products or store, or allow them to see the end results in real time, you can promote your brand successfully. 

During the fashion weeks in 2020, brand such as Dior took to virtual reality and gave people the experience to watch the show closely from the comfort of their homes. Ikea is one brand that incorporated the technology to give people an immersive experience and helped them visualize the products in their homes. 

By adopting such features in your video marketing strategy, you could tap into a wider customer base and achieve growth as well. You can also post 360 videos of your products on your social media accounts or incorporate them within your website as well. 

Wrapping Up 

These are some effective ways that you can tie up your video marketing efforts to your brand. If you choose to follow a few of them, you could engage the audience successfully and spread awareness as well. Video marketing has a very high return on investment and you may be able to benefit from that by creating good content and focusing on the right channels. 


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