How to Connect Aputure Lights to the Sidus Link App


In this walkthrough tutorial, you’ll learn how to connect Aputure lights that have built-in Bluetooth (like the Aputure 300D II, MC, Nova, and Accent B7C) to the Sidus Link app.

(If you have legacy models like the 120D II, 300D, or Tri-8, you can still connect them to the app with the Sidus Link Bridge adapter.)

Aputure MC Kit
The Aputure MC kit.

I recently purchased an Aputure MC kit and fumbled my way through the startup and connecting the lights to my phone. So, here are the steps you need to know so you can get up and running quickly.

Sidus Link App Icon

First, you’ll need to download the Sidus Link app to your phone or tablet from the App Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, or Mi GetApps. Then, go ahead and register your account details or login.

2. Open Lighting Control System

Click the pancake menu icon to reveal the full menu.

Pancake Menu Icon

Click on Lighting Control System.

3. Create a Scene

Next, you’ll want to create a new scene. Click on the plus (+) icon to make a new scene.

Make a New Scene

You can click on the three dot icon to rename your scene, as well as share it with other devices and users, or delete it.

Three Dot Icon

Scenes will be saved so you can use them again in the future.

Saved Scenes

Tap on the Scene to open it.

4. Add Light Fixtures

To connect a light, tap on the green plus (+) icon.

Set Up Fixtures

5. Reset Bluetooth on Your Aputure Light

Now, power on your Aputure light fixture. In this example, I’ll be using the Aputure MC.

Press and hold the scroll wheel until the menu appears. Scroll to BT, then push down on the scroll wheel to select.

Aputure MC

Under BT Reset, select Yes, and then click down on the scroll wheel.

Aputure MC Link BT Reset

A loading screen will appear. Once complete, your device should now show in your Sidus Link app.

Aputure MC Link Loading

If this failed, make sure the Bluetooth is set to On on your phone or tablet.

Select the light from the New Fixture list, then tap Set up.

New Fixtures Set Up

The Sidus Link app will run diagnostics and connect, then tap OK.

6. Repeat to Add More Light Fixtures

Now that you have your first device connected, repeat the process on your other Aputure lights by resetting their Bluetooth connections and adding them to your Scene.

Reset Bluetooth

7. Control Your Aputure Lights

You now have the ability to control your Aputure lights. You can tap an individual fixture to control that one light or, if you have multiple lights, you can select All Fixtures to control all of them at once.

Control Aputure Lights

Depending on the type of Aputure light, you’ll see controls for power, intensity, white balance, gels, colors, and/or effects.

Color Controls

Certain Aputure lights (like the MC) also feature tools like Color Picker, which uses your phone or tablet’s camera to match colors, or Sourcematch to match with other lights on set.


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