How to Build Effective Client Relationships In The Video Production Industry


Client relationships are one of the most important aspects of any business, but they are particularly important when it comes to video production. Having a good client relationship can mean the difference between a one-off gig and scaling your work. But how do you form a professional client relationship, and where can this lead?


When building a strong relationship with your client, the first thing you should aspire to is creating truly impactful work that embodies your client’s vision. This is the fundamental reason why you are hired as a video producer, and it is the crux of your professional relationship. 

Go above and beyond their expectations and deliver something truly amazing, especially if it is your first time working for the client. First impressions matter and your first work will set the tone for any future projects. By setting a strong expectation from the onset, the client will gain confidence in your work.    

Quality of work matters, but the rapport you build with your client ultimately predicts how likely they are to recommend you to other business owners. A client who likes you not only as a professional, but as a person, will have you front of mind when talking to other business owners. That’s because not only are they confident that you can do a good job for their colleagues, but they genuinely want to help you succeed as well. 


Building a good client relationship isn’t easy, and requires connecting on a personal level. This is achieved through trust. Trust underpins all strong relationships because it allows for open discussions, fair business and a mutual understanding that both parties can rely on each other. The way we negotiate and conduct ourselves is always limited by trust, and trust in many ways, creates affinity beyond just business: it creates a personal relationship.

Naturally, the next question becomes how to build trust? Trust is a complicated, multifaceted component and social currency. Trust is built with time, integrity and reliably meeting expectations. Perhaps most fundamentally, however, trust is built on the small and often insignificant artifacts of your relationship.

Are you on time? Do you enquire about your client’s personal affairs? Do you know how many children they have? Making sure you pay attention to details and show genuine interest and care in your client will transform your relationship.

Trust that is built on this more personal level is what can take your relationship to the next level, and have your client not only be a source of business, but a friend and advocate. 


The relationship that you build with clients in the video production industry is a combination of producing video that not only meets, but goes beyond your clients’ expectations; and creating personal rapport and trust. 

A good business relationship inevitably transitions into a great personal relationship, and a great personal relationship is needed for a continued business relationship. The two go hand in hand, and anyone in the video production industry would do well to consider both! 


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