How Haivision Connect Enables Worship from Anywhere


By Daniel Alexander, Director of Product Management at Haivision

Over the last two years, we’ve seen a significant increase in the demand for live and on-demand content across all industries as in-person events, including church services, were put on pause. Since the Covid pandemic began, more organizations turned to employing remote technologies, and now that these technologies are becoming the norm, the world has come to realize how useful they are. Much like hybrid work models, the trend of virtual events is becoming more popular and is here to stay. Ministries and churches recognize the benefit of live streaming services as it allows them to build online communities and reach a wider audience. 

To continue to build online communities and improve audience engagement, ministries need the right tools in place to reliably deliver their message to range of platforms, while being able to measure the impact of their streaming efforts. However, live streaming technology can be both challenging and intimidating for church volunteers or non-technical staff due to the growing complexity of video streaming across multiple platforms. 

Focused on making live streaming accessible and affordable for ministries of all sizes, Haivision launched Haivision Connect, an all-new cloud platform designed specifically for churches. The livestreaming solution opens new possibilities for churches to easily connect and engage with audiences from anywhere.

Technology designed to work for any ministry

Haivision Connect has been carefully designed by video experts in collaboration with leading churches to ensure that its workflows match the way that ministries work. Simple to understand modular workflows and easy metadata tagging make organizing streams a breeze, while workflows are customizable and use language and terms familiar to ministries. Users can configure key elements that make up the organization of their church including campuses, speakers, services, and pastors. Once created, all of these elements can then be used as building blocks to create streaming sessions, making setup intuitive, fast, and easy.

With Haivison Connect, users can schedule live streams, manage and monitor video devices across multiple locations as well as measure audience engagement, from anywhere, all from a single browser window. Connect’s user-friendly interface enables anyone, even non-technical volunteers, to quickly set up a high-quality reliable live stream. It does the hard work for you so you can concentrate on what matters most – creating experiences that inspire your audience. 

Haivision Connect uses the same reliable broadcast-quality technology trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide, including major broadcasters, corporations, and government agencies for their mission-critical video applications. Backed by dedicated, experienced support experts available 24/7, it allows users to stream with complete confidence.

Connect leverages Haivision’s Emmy® award-winning SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) Protocol for reliable and secure low latency streaming over the public internet. This low latency is essential in live workflows where interactivity is critical to the viewing experience. Its easy-to-use, intuitive web interface empowers experienced staff with the advanced tools they need, while enabling non-technical volunteers with the ability to set up a live stream quickly. Easily accessible from any browser, Haivison Connect is simple to use and allows users to stream with high-quality HD video with near real-time delivery with just a few clicks.

Features to maximize ministries’ impact 

Churches work hard to deliver valuable content to inspire their audiences. Users can maximize time and effort by making the most of this content to increase the reach of their message by using previously recorded or uploaded video to launch simulated live streams and replay sermons for shared worship at times that are most convenient for audiences. With advanced one-time or recurring scheduling and restreaming options, it has never been easier for ministries to set up streams in advance from anywhere to strengthen their message.

Churches can reach their audience on their preferred platform, without leaving the Connect UI. Users can stream simultaneously to multiple destinations, and, with Facebook and YouTube integrations, broadcast the same livestream from multiple social media accounts. Additionally, users can easily create RTMP URLs and embed streams into web players and custom OTT apps.

With Haivision Connect churches can measure the impact of their ministry’s events, gain valuable insights as to when, where, how, and what their audience is watching and understand how the content is performing. Connect also makes it easy to quickly access the analytics for your live streams to better engage with viewers. Churches can see data in real-time or view historical statistics to better understand audience participation including total, unique, and peak views as well as platform, location, and view duration data. 

Already tested and adopted by many churches as their platform of choice, Haivision Connect is set to transform the way that ministries stream video. Whether you live down the street or thousands of miles away, physical distance shouldn’t be the determining factor in how you worship. A church is a community – no matter if it’s in-person or virtual. 


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