High-Speed Cameras for Indie Filmmakers in 2021


Want to film high-speed? High-speed camera work is the perfect avenue to add a fresh, high-end creative touch to your film or commercials.

In days of old, high-speed cameras were often hard to come by or far too expensive for the indie filmmaker to consider. As a direct result of something we like to call technology, we now have a plethora of high-speed camera options for a variety of budgets. Let’s take a look at what a few high-speed camera options may look like for today’s indie filmmaker in 2021.

Your Smartphone: The No-Budget Option

In a financial pinch? Use your smartphone to film your project. Image via July Prokopiv.

If budget is nonexistent for your production, then you may be surprised to consider that you have an option sitting in your pocket, or a crew member’s pocket—your smartphone. Most smartphones now feature great high-speed video options. Some even feature up to 240fps slow motion video. Whether it’s the latest iPhone or Galaxy, you’ll be able to capture slow, cinematic footage with the camera just sitting in your pocket.

GoPro Hero9: $399

GoPro’s are fantastic action cameras capable of capturing high-speed video for those with a budget-conscious mind. The Hero9 features up to 240fps in FullHD. GoPro’s image quality has drastically improved with each iteration. If you haven’t tried a GoPro in a few generations, now may be the right time to pick one up to use on your next production. Plus, you can drop the camera in water, which you can’t do with a Phantom Flex 4K. 

GoPro Hero9
The GoPro Hero9. Image via GoPro.

Blackmagic Pocket 6K: $1,995

The Blackmagic Pocket 6K is a camera that a lot of indie filmmakers own today. Fortunately, this camera features a few high frame rate options to accompany your production. With 120fps at a crisp 1080p with an acceptable bit-rate, this powerhouse camera can also fulfill your slow motion needs, while still maintaining your high-quality, cinematic look.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Pocket 6K
Blackmagic Cinema Camera Pocket 6K. Image via Blackmagic Design.

Sony FX3: $3,898

Sony has had a slew of exciting camera announcements over just the last year. One of those announcements is the FX3. This compact, lightweight camera, although new, is poised to join alongside some of Sony’s bigger camera counterparts like the FX9. One surprising feature of this exciting new camera is its slow motion capabilities. With 120fps at 4K and 200fps at 1080, this camera can fulfill a variety of your slow motion needs, all while pairing with Sony’s higher-end camera options. 

Sony FX3
The Sony FX3. Image via Sony.

Canon C70: $5,499 

Canon has long been a stranger to the higher-end frame rate. For this reason, Sony was able to edge its way into the mid-range cinema camera market more fully over the last few years. However, the Canon C70 seems to be Canon’s answer to their high frame rate issues. Packed with 120fps at 4K and 180fps at 2K, this modern cinema camera falls perfectly in Canon’s lineup of cameras offered today. The C70 is also slatted to match perfectly with its bigger siblings, the C300 MIII and the C500 MII.

Canon's EOS C70
Canon’s EOS C70. Image via Canon.

No matter your budget, there are amazing cameras on the market today to fit your high-speed needs. Whether you’re filming products, a fight scene, or your next indie feature, there’s an ideal camera out there to capture your production needs.

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Cover images via Roberto Caucino.


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