Here’s How to Stand Out in the Digital World


As Creators and Brands, we all want to stand out and get attention in the busy visual online world.  We know that the more we get positive attention the more we engage, interest and sell.  Well how do we do that as Creators and Brands visually?  

No doubt Instagram is chalk full of photos and videos but one thing that commands consistent attention is the power of motion picture film. 

Since 2004, we at Dream Team Directors have successfully filmed in Super 8mm film for various clients such as Paris Hilton, Smashbox Cosmetics, Chase Bank, Chrome Hearts, Jesse Jo Stark and gotten them this cherished positive attention that stands out from commonplace digital imagery. 

There is something so “alive” and “unique” and cinematic that allows this content to stick out and capture audience’s hearts and minds.   

We wanted to share our discoveries about successfully using Super 8mm film:

1.  Super 8mm Visual Strengths.  

This format is perfect for fashion, music and lifestyle content. This is where we feel this medium truly shines.  What is so amazing about shooting on film is it makes every frame so important and causes you to see the world with a whole new artistic eye.  With digital you tend to just shoot and shoot but working in film, you really focus and previsualize your visuals. 

2. Understanding the Technology is Critical.

Having a fully functioning Super 8mm camera is the key to success as well as knowing what types of film stocks to use.  Super 8mm requires a lot of light otherwise it gets too grainy.  For outside shooting in good available daylight use 50 speed film.  For interior where you are working with artificial light go with 200T or 500T.  

3. Getting your Exposure Right.   

Using a hand held light meter is the most accurate way to get a correct exposure but most cameras have great light meters in camera and can expose perfectly automatically.  Just make sure to watch out for high contrast situations like shooting someone in front of a bright window which is very hard for the camera’s internal meter and will result in a silhouetted subject. 

4.  Test Shoots.  

Before you do an important shoot, make sure to test your camera.  Shoot a roll of film and get it developed to ensure everything is working perfectly. 

5. Correct Film and Processing.  

Working with the correct lab is critical for great results.  We highly recommend Pro 8mm as the true Super 8mm specialists who sell the film, process it and transfer it to digital file. They are now able to transfer to the highest resolution file formats.  

Have a very successful shoot or brand campaign and if you need to hire the best in Super 8mm film, please write us at


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