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Let’s take a look at some of our favorite videos on the PremiumBeat YouTube channel and see what all the fuss is about.

Here at PremiumBeat, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of change over the eleven years since we first uploaded a video to our channel.

Between insane advancements in camera technology, editing, and animation capabilities, we’ve always tried to make sure we’re uploading helpful, relevant information for working filmmakers and video editors.

Our videos have covered topics like “how to use a tripod” to our recent explorations in the 3D world. There’s something here for almost every type of creative person.

Having just passed 200,000 subscribers, we thought we’d take a look back and highlight some videos we genuinely love here at PremiumBeat.

Tips for Shooting Video with Gimbals – 232K Views

Gimbals continue to be an essential tool for filmmakers of all levels. It should come as no surprise that this tutorial from Zach Ramelan checks off all the boxes for an entertaining, informative look at the ins and outs of using such a tool.

The most beneficial aspect of this video is that it covers general tips for using a gimbal—meaning, it’s not specific to any type or brand.

So, whether you’re shooting weddings, corporate videos, or documentary work, this video will help build a framework for how to think about using this tool for specific shots.

How to Wrap Chords and Cables – 310K Views

We have even had the honor of hosting one of the best creators on our channel—Mark Vargo, ASC. With a resume of VFX work from small films like Empire Strikes Back and Ghostbusters, Vargo is an old-school filmmaker through and through, with a timeless presentation and thoroughness that made his videos stand out.

This all-encompassing breakdown of how to wrap cables while on set is one of my favorite videos we’ve ever put out. It’s so simple and well-made—proof of why he’s such a successful filmmaker.

How to Get the VHS Look in Premiere Pro – 443K Views

It’s easy to see why this video did so well. This look will officially never go out of style—even if you can do such a thing on a mobile phone now.

Regardless of its usage or the type of video it’s applied to, filmmakers will always need something like this effect applied to footage at some point in their career. It’s basically a right-of-passage.

Create a Doctor Strange-Inspired Shield in After Effects – 158K Views

I’m not even going to lie—that’s me in the thumbnail. This was one of those videos where we were all sitting around bouncing ideas off each other when someone said, “Why don’t we just make it right now.” And, that’s exactly what we did!

Caleb Ward did a phenomenal job with the effect and the tutorial that follows. Having a Marvel character in the title probably helped with YouTube’s algorithm, but we’re not complaining!

The technique is a simple, step-by-step process in After Effects that’s easily doable regardless of your experience with the software.

Under-Appreciated Videos Worth Your Time

Obviously, every video can’t be a “100Ker,” and that’s okay. There are a few hidden gems on the channel that never took off in the way others did.

Maybe it was the thumbnail, the time of upload, or perhaps YouTube decided to change its algorithm and, on that day, you were only served videos about the NFLs Biggest Hits.

Whatever the case, we still think there’s some gold in there worth your time. So, let’s talk about some of the most underrated videos on our channel!

Shoot Like an Editor – 3K Views

One of Zach Ramelan’s best features as a creator is his willingness to share some of his personal experiences as a working filmmaker.

Sometimes filmmakers can be a little hesitant to talk about their process or how they get clients. However, Ramelan is an open book, and this video is an excellent example of how he lets us in and shows us around.

Painting a Picture with Sound – 3K Views

One of the constant pieces of advice you’ll see here on the PremiumBeat blog is the importance of good sound for your project. It’s the easiest way to distinguish amateur work from something professionally made.

So, that being said, it’s difficult to get good sound quality while staying at a safe place with your budget (good mics are expensive).

In this tutorial, Zach Ramelan shows us how to build out an entire scene while conveying information to your audience using only sound effects. It’s a clever look at how sound effects can help you out in post-production.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Wiggle Expression – 4K Views

Anybody just getting into animation or trying to learn After Effects will benefit from this thorough breakdown from Lewis McGregor on how to use wiggle expressions. This small—but essential—step in the animation process gives your characters life and realism.

One issue I always had with After Effects tutorials are the lack of explanation for why these effects and expressions exist. To truly understand how to do something, you have to know the whys and whats of it!

Lewis does just that with a walkthrough that will leave you with little to no questions.

An Introduction to Curves and Levels – 2K Views

On the PremiumBeat YouTube channel, you’ll find a ton of beginner-level tutorials covering all the major NLE’s. Between Premiere, Final Cut, and DaVinci Resolve, there’s enough on the channel to take a beginner to expert in no time.

This tutorial from McGregor falls under the “essential viewing” list for anyone learning how to use Resolve. It’s a simple, straightforward look at how you can use curves and levels within Resolve to grade your footage.

I switched over to Resolve a year ago and found this tutorial extremely helpful when learning how to use the color panel.

Lessons Learned from My First 30 Days in Blender – 3K Views

I love this video. In one of our most recent explorations into the 3D world, After Effects master, Jason Boone, takes us on his journey of learning Blender.

Boone gives us an in-depth look at what he learned about the software and what surprised him about making the transition from After Effects to Blender. It’s a fantastic look at what to expect, what not to fear, and whether or not you want to leap into 3D.

Tips for Getting Better Audio on Set and in Your Edit – 3K Views

In the same vein as Ramelan’s “Painting a Picture with Sound,” in this tutorial, Anthony Najera walks us through how you can record better sound one day, then help that sound once you enter the post-production process.

These are excellent tips for anyone going into a shoot with little-to-no crew, or for those who’ve never been in charge of recording audio.

If you can’t tell, I’m a fan of audio tutorials.

FCPX Essentials: Part One – 1K Views

Following suit with many other videos on the channel, this video is meant to introduce viewers to Final Cut Pro X in every way.

In general, one of the most intimidating aspects of learning a new program or how to edit is seeing the interface first. You won’t know where anything is or how to even start learning.

This tutorial from Tanner Shinnick is an excellent introduction to FCPX, guiding us through each step of the way to the finish line when we hit “Export.”

This video is part one of his two-part series. If you’re interested in the second part, be sure to check it out below.

It’s been a wild ride so far, but I hope you join us as we release more and more informative, actionable, and entertaining tutorials in the coming year.

Plus, there’s always Free Week to look forward to!

How about a few new releases, gear-talk, and production advice. We’ve got you covered:

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