Fresh Tracks: The Best New Royalty-Free Music Released in October


Enhance your videos with October’s fresh new Royalty-Free music.

The aesthetics of October come in many forms, but mostly pumpkins! A trip down to the pumpkin patch is an Instagram Favourite, pumpkin-spiced lattes return to coffee shops, and pet stores start selling pumpkin shape plushies. Yep, mostly pumpkins. for a dose of caffeine. Let’s not forget Halloween, the one night of the year when we can dress up, indulge in sweets, and binge-watch horror movies. It’s the prime time of the autumn season, and October is a standout.

But the world of creativity never stops, and you may need some inspiration or tracks to fit your upcoming video projects. Look no further, as here are some new royalty-free tracks for October 2022. Touching on various genres like psychedelic chillwave, melancholic neo-classical, gentle country-folk, and many more! 

Opening this month’s playlist is Love Do by Sound Supreme, a groovy Nea Soul beat with warm keyboards, head-bopping beats, and smooth female vocals. Perfect for a soulful mood. Need something more daring and mysterious? Mazboot Iraade (Strong Intentions) by East India Records will do the trick. Cinematic orchestral sonorities are laid with Indian elements and enigmatic vocals for a longing and solemn mood. 

Gotham by Berry Deep is perfect for those looking for a more futuristic and cyber-like track. A heavy and gritty texture filled with dubstep elements, punching beats, and edgy synths is excellent for a determined feel. Looking towards a more peaceful track, Through Worlds by Evergreen has a tender feel with a somber cello solo and a delicate piano. The light percussive elements and the string build call for a hopeful and reflective atmosphere. 

Whole World Behind by L-Rau Music is a beautiful country-folk acoustic guitar track for a ray of positivity. Layered with lower strings and piano delivers that extra heart-warming and carefree vibe. Keeping in the string family, Plegaria by Harpo Marks brings to light the power of minimal instrumentation. Featuring a gentle mandolin, it’s colored with reverb for that extra space, harmonic plucks that shine across the sound field, and fast strums for depth. Another track for a heartfelt and serene character. 

Nothing beats a highly rhythmic track. Funky Trumpet Bass by Wolves. It is a funky track with groovy bass lines, filled with dynamic brass moments creating a celebratory mood—a great way to instantly lift and inject a dose of enthusiasm into your video projects. Let’s Create by Rex Chroma is another bouncy track featuring rhythmic percussion and tribal vocal oohs for an empowering statement. 


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