Fresh Tracks: The Best New Royalty-Free Music Released in November


It’s the penultimate month before the last the end of the year. Autumn is at its prime but with celebration in the air. With Thanksgiving just passed, it has set the tone for the final stretch of the year 2022. Festivities are upon us; getting prepared to decorate your space for the holiday season and, to top it off, a brand-new playlist of royalty-free tracks released by some very talented music producers.

Is your content needing some swinging jazz? Looking for some mysterious sound worlds for your film projects? Look no further, as this playlist is just for you, from jazz, and atmospheric classical to DnB, heavy metal, and R&B.

Opening November’s playlist is Paint The World by Pavlo Butorin. A perfect track for symbolizing optimism with a hint of jazz. The vintage-style organ, the funky saxophone melody, and the dynamic drums perfectly combine for those feel-good moments.

Something more mellow and slick can be found in this hip track by Bamako Bae, In Your Hands is ideal for those chill and carefree vibes. The warm nature of the acoustic guitar, resonant drums, and glimmering synths call for a cozy atmosphere. Or maybe something a little faster in tempo; Midnight Soul by Matrika is a light DnB track layered with shimmering textures and dreamy vocal samples, great for a smoky and sensual atmosphere.

Cinematic sound worlds are a go-to in content creation, with notable string passages and bass-heavy timbres to build that sense of space. Beyond The Veil by Evergreen is sad and reflective, built from moving piano chords to a longing cello melody. This track is fitting for those raw and emotive scenes.

You may be a fan of Norse mythology, Songloft’s track Norse Vows is a powerful yet dark piece of music. The vigorous and eerie male chants, prominent strings, and taiko drums are a potent combination, perfect for those wintery and enigmatic landscapes.

Are you looking for some heavy metal? Abyss of Consciousness by Alex Grohl is a gritty and driving track, fuelled with distorted electric guitars and pounding drums to elevate those daring and rebellious moments.

For those needing adventure, Magic Mystery Trailer track by The Jangle Book has it all. The gentle nature of the piano and celeste, contrasted by the majestic strings, bass, and brass, is the ultimate track for your upcoming trailer.

We must not forget that we are coming up to the holiday season; let’s round this off with Christmas Jazz Is Here by Studio Le Bus. The presence of sleigh bells, the glowing celeste melody intertwined with a joyful jazz trumpet melody, screams nothing but excitement and festivities.


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