Finding Inspiring Places to Edit Your Film


While editing a film is mostly technical, it takes a lot of creativity as well. You need your creative gears rolling to decide which places to cut as well as how to rearrange them to create shots and scenes. At the end of the day, you have to make creative choices to achieve what you want with your film. Creating the right film atmosphere, pace, music and narrative is great art that only takes creativity to achieve. But, you have to agree that it’s not always that creativity flows.

Every so often, you will need some inspiration to spark the fires of your creative genius. Moreover, sometimes all you need is to change the space that you are working from. Here, we talk about changing your location and finding inspiring places for your film editing.

Go to a coworking space nearby

If you are editing your film from your home, probably in your bedroom or living room, moving to a more professional setup is likely to strike the much-needed inspiration. Shared office spaces provide just the perfect setup for your film editing. For starters, you have a lot to benefit from the on-site amenities such as high-speed internet. Additionally, you can find shared office space in Nashville, Atlanta, or where you are that is targeted for film enthusiasts. 

Such coworking hubs feature high-end studios, dedicated editing rooms and professional sound-stages among other things that you need within your reach. Besides this, working in such spaces gives you the opportunity to meet with other individuals in the film industry. You stand to gain insights and build networks that can be a source of inspiration to grow your career in film. Consider renting out a space for you and your team to work from, that you can step in whenever you need some inspiration. 

Work out in the nature

Nature has a way of inspiring creativity with its serene stillness. Being outside in nature, probably watching the sunrise or listening to the ocean’s calming waves helps your mind to relax, and helps your brain to be more alert and open. This creates the ideal conditions to start thinking creatively and innovatively. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck, take your laptop outside in nature. You can go to a place with a nice view, the beach or just your backyard. This opens up your mind to identify areas in the film that could use your creative liberties to create the next best film.

Work in the quiet

Quiet places increase your focus, concentration and alertness you need to power through a difficult task. If you are having a hard time deciding which scene should come before the other, try carving out some undisturbed alone time to focus on your film. This might mean moving your work to the library or a coworking hub as discussed above. Additionally, quiet places mean not just moving away from disturbing noises, but also from visible distractions. For instance, if you are working from your unkempt living room, the clutter is likely to pull your attention in various directions, which inhibits your thinking. Moving your work to your bedroom or any other room at home can make a huge difference.

Go to a busy place

It is not always that working in the quiet will get you creative. Sometimes working in a noisy place listening to different sounds and perceiving different scents can inspire the creativity that you need. Try working from a café in your neighborhood. The chitchat, clinking of the cups might trigger your brain to start thinking creatively. You can also try working in a park that is near a busy street. Just watching the vehicles on the road, people interacting and more is likely to give you interesting ideas to use in your film.

Tweak your working space

Changing the space doesn’t have to mean taking your work somewhere else. Tweaking your workspace a little bit can go a long way in creating an inspiring space for your film editing. For instance, you can bring in photos of nature or some plants. Additionally, change the color to include inspiring choices such as red and yellow and invest in an ergonomic chair and desk. Most importantly, keep your workspace clean and without clutter.


New surroundings play a key role in waking up your brain and inspiring new ways of thinking. For the creative aspect of editing your film, changing the space could be all you need to achieve your goals. Try working in dedicated spaces such as a coworking space. You can also consider going out in nature or a busy space. Moreover, creating an inspiring working space for yourself is another great option.


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