Explore the Jazz Vibes of PremiumBeat’s Own Sonny Lauderdale


Saxophonist Matt Parker has played with some of the biggest names in jazz. As Sonny Lauderdale, he creates superbly swinging tracks for PremiumBeat.

Florida-based jazz composer and saxophonist Matt Parker — aka PremiumBeat’s Sonny Lauderdale — is a master of improvisational music. His chops, knowledge, and focus grant him the freedom to be led by the music in the moment. It’s not that he’s making it up as he goes, it’s that he goes where the music takes him. This willingness to be creatively present — artistically in the now — is reflected in his go-with-the-flow professional journey.

As a teenager, he played Dixieland music for ten hours a day alongside veteran musicians in their 60s and 70s. After attending NYC’s New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, he toured as a member of Maynard Ferguson’s Big Bop Nouveau Band.

He’s traveled to South Africa to perform with the Cape Town Youth Choir. He’s played with The Mingus Big Band and toured with Postmodern Jukebox. He appeared in and recorded for the blockbuster Keanu Reeves film John Wick. And, under the nom de sax Sonny Lauderdale, he’s the latest artist in the PremiumBeat Signature Series, where we showcase the talents of the people behind the sounds that help you tell your stories.

Exploring Sonny Lauderdale’s Royalty-Free Music

Sonny Lauderdale’s musical output is authentic and inventive — the best jazz always is — and with almost 50 tracks in our library, he’s one of PremiumBeat’s most prolific artists.

His music swings, bops, and slinks. For every song that wails, there’s another soaked in sultry atmosphere. Saxophone lines move into, out of, and all around the oh-so-in-the-pocket grooves laid down by upright bass, brushed snare, and back-alley guitar.

Noteworthy Tracks

Sonny Lauderdale’s work for PremiumBeat is a go-to for creators the world over who demand the organic richness that only jazz can provide. It’s as modern as it is throwback — truly timeless. This is real-deal stuff with undeniable vibe.

The song “Dancing in the Isles” skips along joyfully — literally, thanks to the tap dancing that serves as the track’s most prominent percussion instrument. “Hurry Hurry” be-bops along, the soundtrack to a night of manic merriment in a basement speakeasy. Meanwhile, “Pink Panther” lowers the lights with burlesque-noir sounds that are as gritty as they are glamorous.

Elevate Your Work with the Jazzy Jive Vibes of Sonny Lauderdale

If your project demands smoky vibes, swinging kicks, and spirited sexiness, Sonny Lauderdale’s got what you need. His confident improv and solid old-school cuts are as perfect for film projects as they are for travel vlogs, product review videos, and playful corporate presentations.

Explore some of Sonny Lauderdale’s most popular tracks in the curated playlist below. The mix features jazz tracks that move well beyond what most think when they hear the term “royalty-free,” and each is available in perpetuity with a simple $49 Standard License.

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