Explore the Adventurous Beats of Evan MacDonald’s Cinematic Music


From meditative piano to tension-building strings, PremiumBeat artist Evan MacDonald crafts cinematic music for enhanced storytelling.

Born in Montreal, Canada, Evan MacDonald discovered his love for writing music early on in his career. His passion lead him to Berklee College of Music, from which he holds a Master’s degree in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games.

Today, Evan’s music is a mix of orchestral elements with organic soundscapes. It’s full of bold experiments and youthful drive that you don’t often hear. His sound takes the listener on a trip from the comfortable nostalgic lows of days gone by lows to the energetic highs of the video gaming world. From tasting the moment to savoring the future, his tracks guide us across a wide spectrum of emotions. We are happy to present Evan’s work and talk about his approach to music writing.

Evan’s work tantalizes the listener’s senses with his meticulous attention to detail and strict structure. His cinematic music is both timeless and evocative. Each composition is a unique and sincere melody that can help evoke a stronger emotion in any video scene. The lows and highs of his sound take the listener on an inspirational, fast-paced journey where they can meld their dreams with reality.

Stories matter for Evan. But, he’s also about his personal experiences and feelings. From the original idea to the full-room orchestra session, Evan lives through each experience where sound captures his surroundings. This submersion into sound results in incredible tracks that are perfect matches for both short ad spots and complex film scenes. Let’s hear Evan out.

Exploring Evan MacDonald’s Cinematic Music

When you play Evan’s music — there are over 100 tracks in the PremiumBeat library — you realize he has a unique style. Whether it’s a classical track or a corporate piece, you hear three clear lines in his creation: adventure, inspiration, and heroism. His tracks may send us back to the times of Viking sagas and legendary heroes. They may also throw us into the futuristic fantasy worlds where epic sounds enhance the visual and sensory experience. But, they always end up on an optimistic note.

Evan’s tracks are a perfect match for video and radio ads, where the sound is supposed to support the message within the first few seconds. The punch line needs a good punch sound!

His epic tracks are a must-have for video game trailers. Heroic scenes demand high-energy, elaborate tunes. Embark your hero on an adventure.

Need some drama in your scenes? How about some tristesse-sounding tracks? Or, maybe some nostalgia will come in handy? You can find it all in Evan’s music.

Best Artists, Best Studios

Evan gets a good level of inspiration from best-in-class musicians and emblematic places. For instance, his video story from above was recorded at AIR Studios in London, United Kingdom. It’s a fifty-year old studio that was opened and run by none other than George Martin. Just see who made their records there: U2, Coldplay, Adele, Radiohead — the list goes on. This is the sound PremiumBeat has in its music library.

Evan’s music is for passion projects — be they action trailers or film scenes — that depict human drama. Check out some of Evan MacDonald’s most popular tracks in the curated playlist below. You can license them all with our new music subscription.

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Cover image from “Featuring Evan MacDonald – Signature Series” via YouTube.


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