Essential Filmmaking Techniques to Master Early On


Upcoming filmmakers typically have a number of questions when in the beginning stages. How do I write a good script? What should the next scene look like? How do I make a decent film? Such questions are normal and are recognized as questions that everyone has when undertaking the new endeavor of filmmaking. Thus, this article will talk about the essentials of filmmaking and how they can be mastered early on so that the pathway to professionalism is reached seamlessly.

The importance of artistry in the learning process

When in the process of learning the essentials of filmmaking, it is highly important to maintain focus on the art aspect of the entire process. Focusing too much on the technicalities of filmmaking can result in great scenes visually, but the overall quality of the content can decrease as the emphasis is put on the film being visually appealing and not pleasing with regard to the storyline portrayed in the film. Thus, learning the technical aspects is crucial, however, the main focus must be placed on the creative writing process. 

The importance of technicality in the learning process

Creating a beautiful piece of art requires an immense amount of paid attention to detail. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that such an approach can lead to the trait of perfectionism. Being detail-oriented has its benefits, but understanding that certain aspects during the filmmaking process can not necessarily be executed and implemented as desired is focal.

That said, some of the more important technical components to master in filmmaking include:

  • Defining the film type
  • Understanding the variety of camera shots that can be implemented 
  • Creativeness with regard to camera angles 
  • Lighting
  • The aspect of colors that is better known as Mood
  • Adequate use of sound or audio, which typically refers to the tracks use across the duration of the film in question. 
  • The overall general narrative maintained throughout the film

Understanding the diverse aspects of filmmaking

Typically, when we hear the term filmmaking we initially think of movie-format productions. Nevertheless, filmmaking touches on a variety of production spheres that cover a wide range of film types such as music videos, short format videos, informative videos, and descriptive films to name a few. As such, for new filmmakers, there is a gamut of choices with regard to film types and genres. 

The increasing popularity of relatively new film formats

When examined closely, some of the more popular film formats are relatively new history-wise. Music videos have been present only for approximately 40 years. 

On the other hand, short formats have gained popularity in recent years due to the amount of attention span going down across the overall population. This is due to people preferring to consume content that is quick and straightforward. 

The international aspect of filmmaking

On a global scale, there are two main film centers, Hollywood and Bollywood. Nevertheless, over the last few decades, new locations have begun to earn the title of film production centers. Turkey has been the go-to location for drama TV shows. 

On the other hand, Kosovo has had rapid development in the area of music video production services. Moreover, Germany, or rather Berlin more specifically has been labeled as the hub of the film industry in Europe for some time now. 

That said, viewing filmmaking from an international angle allows for an increased level of creativity as multiple genre pathways cross and open new possibilities and opportunities for how films can be created. Furthermore, doing so also enables finding reliable sources for development and expertise. 

Key takeaways

Understanding the importance of the various aspects of filmmaking is intrinsic and of paramount value. There is no one path that one can follow to become a renowned and professional filmmaker. Each individual desiring to enter the colorful world of film has to create their own approach to the art of filmmaking, which in turn enables them to derive original ideas that are high in quality and profuse in creativity. Therefore, having an all-encompassing approach enables young filmmakers to discover their full potential in the process of filmmaking and enter a world of possibilities.


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