Download 28 FREE Firework Sound Effects for Your Next Project


We recorded a variety of real-life firework sound effects to create this pack. Download them now for FREE!

You can now accent your firework celebration footage with sound effects from real fireworks! For this pack, we recorded a wide variety of different fireworks at different locations. The pack even includes some useful foley sounds, such as lighters and fuses. We think you’ll find all of these real-life booms, pops, and sizzles perfect for adding some extra polish to your firework edits!


By downloading this FREE Fireworks Sound Effects pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

What’s Included?

Fuse Burning
The pack even includes fuse-burning sound effects. Image via Crazy Owl Productions.

The Fireworks Sound Effects Pack includes twenty-eight unique sounds recorded on location with real fireworks. You’ll get mortar bursts, firecrackers, rockets, whistles, and firework show ambience. The pack also includes some useful foley sounds, such as metal lighters and fuse-burning sound effects.

Editing the Sound Effects

Feel free to edit all of the sounds with different audio effects. I particularly like to experiment with the bass when it comes to firework sound effects. You can use effects like Graphic Equalizer to easily tweak the bass, mids, and highs of the sound effects.

Graphic Equalizer
Edit the sounds with audio effects like Graphic Equalizer.

I also like to experiment with reverb, flanger, and phaser audio effects to create some truly unique sounds. You can even combine many of the simpler sound effects in a chain to create your own custom firework show ambience.

Get Creative!

Text Burst
Get creative!

It needs to be stated, firework sound effects can be used for a lot more than just firework footage. Pairing sounds like the mortar burst with text on screen can create a cool effect. You can also use the mortar, rocket, and spark sounds for your next action short film. Yippee-ki-yay, indeed!

Do you need some awesome firework footage to go along with these sound effects? Well, you’re in luck! Shutterstock just released a FREE Firework Video Pack with twenty-five different firework assets. The pack includes video clips of bokeh bursts, smoke, sparks, and fuses. All of the clips were filmed in slow motion, and you can even change the colors of the fireworks to match the theme of your project!

Like free video assets? Well, download away!

Cover image via Angyalosi Beata.


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