Culturally Authentic Music Matters.


The world is smaller and more connected than it’s ever been, and that’s why authenticity is vital. People can tell when your heart isn’t in the right place, or when you’re simply going through the motions with your creative. David Lizmi, PremiumBeat’s Grammy®-nominated in-house producer, knows this better than anyone. 

When he goes into a session he is there to learn as much as he is there to produce. The core of David’s work is to build deep, meaningful connections with each region’s musicians so that he can bring their music to life in the most authentic way possible.

See how David captures the heart and soul of Son Cubano—the Cuban sound—in this behind-the-scenes video shot in NYC.

Visit this post to read more about this session and everything that goes into bringing a PremiumBeat track to life.

In addition to sourcing music for our library, David is a bass player and percussionist who was born in Italy to a Moroccan mother and Lebanese father. He collaborates with top regional composers and international players—like Mali’s Master Griots and Gnawa Maalems of Morocco—and records in studios all over the planet.

David’s passionate about representing real diversity. When he produces a collection of region-specific music, he understands that authentically capturing a culture’s sound requires real intention and a deep respect for a community’s history, musical nuances, and artistic traditions. 

David’s approach—his vision, standards, and intention—they’re the difference your audience will notice when they watch your videos. 

David’s approach is the PremiumBeat approach, and it’s why our music library is the go-to royalty-free resource for creatives around the globe. Listen to the playlist below, curated by David Lizmi himself, and license one of his picks for your next project.   

We work really hard and create something really special and important because it means something to us.

David Lizmi, Senior Music Producer

Image grid of Cuban Musicians in studio


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