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This curated list of royalty-free music feels like a warm summer day. The playlist includes punchy electro beats, atmospheric sound worlds, classic stand-out bass lines, and more. These tracks will bring the heat to your video projects.

Spring said its farewells, and the summer solstice brought us our longest day. That means it’s officially summertime! The season of chill vibes, beautiful sunsets, and a chance to get creative with some fresh new royalty-free music tracks for your upcoming summer video projects.

In this selection, we have a mixture of orchestral tracks, lo-fi beats, some swooping bass-heavy sounds, and a few tracks of more relaxed tunes.

This playlist opens with “Meant to Progress” by Tiny Music. This is an optimistic orchestral track, with rich string textures and elements of building percussion that’s sure to bring that extra energy your video needs.

Red Lotus” by Nathan King takes a different turn with a nod to East Asian influences. The track features a lyrical flute melody that soars over strings, perfect for videos utilizing expansive establishing shots and drone footage. Meanwhile “Unknown Coast” by Nesterouk and “Downtown Alley” by Hidden are your perfect lo-fi beat tracks. Their smooth synth colors and the laid-back piano melodies radiate those more relaxed moments in your film or video. 

Nothing beats a bit of groove and swooping bass lines when trying to set a summer vibe. “I Got a Feeling” can bring some funk to your videos with its striking opening bass melody. “Fresh Technology” brings super rhythmic drum patterns for that additional groove but keeps it light with the sound of a harp over the top. These tracks can be downloaded with or without vocals and our license will get you both versions. If you want the track front and center to action happening on the screen, keep the vocals. If you would like to the track to fade into the background under a voiceover (or the lyrics just don’t fit the theme of your video), download the instrumental version.

Towards Better Days” by Titan Sound keeps the momentum with its rolling drums but has warm color and otherworldly samples paired with various synths and sound effects. “Blood Brothersis a modern rock track that carries a hint of mystery and has a cool character. The reverb-filled sliding guitar lines and suave bass guitar riffs give Blood brothers a little bit of extra swagger that could be just what your video project needs.

Explore the playlist in its entirety below! Here are June’s freshest tracks for your listening pleasure.

Cover image via Nichole Reid.


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