Canon Announces Firmware Updates for High-End Cameras


Canon’s R5, R6, and 1D X Mark III are all getting firmware updates—Canon software will also receive updates.

Canon announced the immediate release of firmware updates on Tuesday for three of its high-end cameras, adding several features that users have been asking for. 

Canon EOS R5
Canon’s EOS R5 is an 8K-capable full-frame mirrorless camera. Image via Brais Seara.

Two of Canon’s most recent releases, the EOS R5 and R6 cameras, will be getting firmware updates v1.3 and v1.3, respectively—the firmware updates are not identical. Both cameras, which were released over this past summer, are part of Canon’s high-end line of full-frame mirrorless cameras. Over on the full-frame DSLR lineup, the EOS-1D X Mark III will also be getting a firmware update (v1.4). The 1D X Mark III released early last year. 

While each camera has its own firmware update with specific features, the updates are adding new functionality to the cameras in general.

The R5’s v1.3 firmware adds several new features, with one of the biggest features being FHD 120p recording. This will allow users to capture high frame rate video that can later be converted into slow-motion video, playing at roughly one-fifth of the speed in a 24p timeline. The other big update for the R5 is the much-asked-for addition of Canon LOG 3. Canon LOG 3 is easier to use for color grading than Canon LOG 2, while still maintaining a high level of dynamic range. 

Canon LOG will be coming to the 1D X Mark III at a later date, Canon announced. 

A quality-of-life update will also allow R5 users to save their camera settings onto a memory card to transfer to another camera. R5 and R6 users with RF lenses will now be able to manually override the lens’s focus, allowing for a higher degree of control with the use of full-time manual support included in the firmware update for both cameras. 

A new transfer feature for the R5, Protect Image Transfer, prevents locked images from being deleted, while also allowing the images to be transferred using FTP. When doing an FTP transfer, R5 users, as well as 1D X Mark III users, will now be able to see how long the transfer will take. The firmware update for both of these cameras also includes the addition of low bit-rate RAW movies that are much smaller in size. These smaller video files will allow users for faster transfer. And speaking of smaller file sizes, the firmware update will include the option for lower bit-rate IPB video files. 

Canon EOS R6
The Canon EOS R6 with an RF 24-105 Kit Lens. Image via trickyaamir.

Following the release of the R5 and R6 cameras last year, it quickly became clear that both cameras suffered from an overheating issue when recording high-resolution video. Firmware updates were quickly released to address the overheating issue on both mirrorless cameras, but the controversy surrounding their initial release has cast some doubt on the camera manufacturer. 

The firmware updates are all available right now, as well as the software updates to several different Canon software. The EOS Utility software is receiving update v3.13.1. Canon is providing support for devices using Apple M1 processors. Rosetta for Digital Photo Professional is getting update v4.14. 

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