Aputure’s MT Pro RGB Tube Light Prototype


NAB isn’t pulling any punches this year, and neither is Aputure with its new RGB Tube Light. Let’s take a look at this new prototype.

We’ve already posted about Aputure’s new MC Pro, which isn’t even on the NAB showroom floor for visitors to get their hands-on, but they did bring one other thing to show off. The new MT Pro RGB tube light.

Aputure recently announced Amaran branded RGBWW tube lights, but these will be the first Aputure branded tube lights aimed toward high-end professional filmmakers. 

In the video from CineD, Aputure’s Tim Sim gave us some context for the Amaran series of lights, including tubes, flexible panels, and the Amaran 100 series of products, and why the MT tube light is specifically an Aputure release.

He says that the Amaran series is aimed toward the content creator community who doesn’t need the highest specification of products. They want something affordable but still reliable and the quality they’d expect from our products.

The MT Pro RGB  is a 1ft long tube that draws 7W of power via its built-in battery offering 105 minutes of usage on max power. It uses the same RGBWW technology found in the new LS 600c Pro, Nova series, and the recently shown MC Pro, nine different Pixel FX and System FX modes, a 2,000K-10,000K CCT range, 597+ lux at 0.5 meters, and built-in magnets for easy mounting to your surroundings or adding accessories like a soft honeycomb grid or diffuser.

Though this is still a prototype, the MT RGB is aiming to solve all the problems that other tube lights in the market have, such as color accuracy, battery issues, wireless control, and more.  

Like the MC Pro, Aputure has been putting a huge investment into their software; with Sidus Link, they want to make it easy for users to connect and control all their light units with a straightforward app.

Users have been asking Aputure to make tube lights for multiple years now. Knowing that the company is creating something for the high-end filmmaker to go alongside its professional products is something I’m excited about. It offers the standards we know from the company.

We don’t know when it’ll go into production or a price, but it’s nice to see they’re listening to consumers for high-end tube lights. It would be nice if they could offer more extended tube sizes alongside the 1ft variant at release or shortly, but it’s yet to be known if the company is working on that.

MT Pro RGB tube light key specs:

  • 7W RGBWW full-color output
  • 597+ lux at 0.5 meters
  • 2,000K to 10,000K CCT range
  • Magnets built-in
  • It uses the same color chips as the Nova panel lights and LS 600c Pro
  • 1ft Mini LED tube light
  • 105-minute battery life at max power
  • Built-in battery
  • 45° soft honeycomb grid, mini tripod with ball head
  • 9 System FX and 9 Pixel FX
  • Compatible with Sidus Link

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Cover image via Aputure.


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