Ambisonic, Binaural, ASMR Sound for VR/360 Videos and Beyond


In a constant effort to respond to our community’s requests and rising demand for more variety in music genres, PremiumBeat has introduced a collection of ambisonic, ASMR, and binaural tracks for projects like like VR/360 videos, 3D experiences, and beyond. Let’s explore these unconventional music genres.

PremiumBeat’s music library is expanding on a weekly basis. We are working with hundreds of musicians across countries and continents who produce top-quality music for thousands of film professionals, video enthusiasts, podcasters, and video editors. Our music team works tirelessly to gather all feedback from our customers and musicians and document all new requests for music. And we act on those requests.

Several trends in the audio and video landscape have inspired new collections in our library. The rise of VR applications over the last couple of years has brought back to life the ambisonic sound technique invented in the 70s and quickly forgotten thereafter — until today. We also see that headphones are an indispensable accessory in modern life, triggering more interest in the unconventional binaural beat technique in audio production. And recent advances in sound technology allow it to have a stronger impact on human senses, elevating the power of sound to make us feel differently and change our mood. Yes, we’re talking about Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (or ASMR).

PremiumBeat now offers a collection of Ambisonic, ASMR, and Binaural music tracks. All available 100% royalty-free. Let’s explore each genre and look into how these sounds are produced and how you can use them in your next project.

Ambisonic Audio

Let’s start with the sound format. Ambisonics is a full-sphere surround sound format. It covers the listener in sound from top to bottom in addition to the horizontal plane. Scientifically speaking, this format is the so-called B-format (4-four channel format), which reproduces a complete sphere of sound.

Science aside, what’s the practical angle of ambisonic audio? First off, let’s make it clear: ambisonic sound technology and surround sound technology are not the same.

Surround sound technology is more immersive than the traditional two-channel stereo sound. But it’s still based on the same principle. Both stereo and surround sound technologies send audio to a specific array of speakers. Stereo goes to two speakers, 5.1 surround goes to 6 speakers, 7.1 surround goes to 8. You see the pattern now.

Ambisonic sound technology does not send the audio signal to any specific amount of speakers. It is speaker-independent. Ambisonic sound can be decoded by any speaker array. And this is what creates this representation of a full, uninterrupted sphere of sound. Isn’t that beautiful?

This music format comes in handy if you’re working with VR game engines, 3D installations, and 360 videos. These might seem like prohibitively expensive pursuits, but even social media platforms like Facebook and video portals like YouTube accept 360 videos. Ambisonic tracks are an important development, adding up to the full-immersion, three-dimensional visual experiences that this new technology offers.

Binaural Sound

Back to science. Binaural beats combine two different sound frequencies that create the perception of a single new frequency tone. With your sound-proof headphones on, each of your ears will receive sound of a slightly different frequency. Coupled with the relaxing nature of the track, this sound technique is meant to create a feeling of peacefulness.

Research is divided on the medicinal properties and healing benefits of this sound technique. But we know first-hand this is an interesting way to keep the listener engaged, relaxed, and even surprised. Try binaural tracks in your future video projects if you intend to create a 3D stereo sound sensation for your viewer or listener.


ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is not a music format. It’s a medical term which describes a pleasant emotional or physical feeling caused by soft sounds. These sounds can range from gentle whispering and soothing voices to scratching dry skin and rustling leaves.

ASMR-related content is growing. Just search for ASMR videos on YouTube and you will dive into a mystical and sometimes baffling world of soft noises…that you can’t stop listening to!

ASMR-focused music tracks are a trove for video makers focused on virtual reality. This music offers a higher level of immersion to the VR experience. Some traditionalists say that ASMR will remain a niche, but we believe it has a bright future as we see more investment and enhancements in VR technology.

Finding Immersive Music

Ambisonic, binaural and ASMR music is only a couple of clicks away on the PremiumBeat site. Our team made it super easy to find these tracks. Follow these steps:

In the left-hand menu, which includes the refinement filters, go to Advanced.

Advanced Music Filters

Once you activate the Advanced filter menu, you can filter your search results by Ambisonic, Binaural or ASMR.

Ambisonic Music

Need more ways to discover great royalty-free music for your projects? Check out these discovery methods for finding new tracks, moods, and music genres: Finding Perfect Music Is Easier and Faster with PremiumBeat.


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