8 Best Websites To Find & Hire Freelance Workers

Now, more than ever, is the time to use the services of freelancers: the growth of the market for freelancers is increasing competition between them and lowering the prices for services.

Indeed, some tasks are more accessible to outsource to a freelancer than hiring a staff specialist. Here are a list of the 8 best freelancer websites to hire the right talent for your upcoming project. 


The Australian site is ideal if you need to find specialists from other countries for short-term work. The project brings together 247 countries and more than 15 million users: one of the largest sites for finding Freelancers. There are many designers, developers, copywriters, and translators on the site. They can be found both by publishing information about their company and requirements and through a directory where country, skills, hourly rate filter performers. Freelance services are paid for through the payment system on the site. The employer transfers to the site 3% of the order amount.


You can find freelance medical writers by using a freelance platform like Kolabtree. This freelance platform for scientists. They already have over 20,000 registered freelancers on the site. In this way, Kolabtree strengthens the company’s position as a global research platform. Since its launch in 2015, the company has grown by over 100% and continues to overgrow. Kolabtree has helped move scientists towards a more sustainable, location-independent way of working.


An English-language freelance platform where you can find freelancers from around the world. On this platform, you can search for performers for projects in layout, copywriting, design, development, animation. And create your projects that haven’t been there yet. You can search for freelancers in the directory, develop projects by choosing a freelancer from applications, and use the platform to find suitable freelance specialists. There is also a store of ready-made solutions on the platform.

The platform sets commissions for each order at 2.75%. Freelancers pay an additional 5-20% commission on each order. The mechanism of a safe transaction is implemented. The Upwork Payroll service also works: it helps to draw up documentation correctly: for example, using an electronic digital signature. And he takes 23% of the amounts transferred to the freelancer.


Toptal positions itself as a service for hiring professional freelancers who have passed a careful selection (interview, problem-solving, test, test projects). The site acts as an intermediary, sets the price itself, and decides the commission. Allows clients to select a freelancer, evaluate the work and not pay if he did not cope with the task. It helps in finding customers and also provides access to a closed community of freelancers.


Since 1999, ProductionHUB has been serving the production industry as the largest global network of film, video, TV, live event and post-production professionals. Whether you need a camera operator for one day, a video editor for one month or a full-time producer, the site can help you find exactly what you need for your production. ProductionHUB’s mission is to address the biggest problem most productions face: finding and hiring qualified professionals by providing the tools and resources needed on its global network.


The platform Project4hire was founded in 2006, and the site includes 90 thousand registered users. Posting vacancies on the platform is free. The site contains freelancers from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, South America, India, Eastern Europe. There are two types of accounts: basic (free) and premium ($10 per month).


The service provides access to freelancers worldwide and from the home region for £ 10 per month. Every freelancer is rated by the PeoplePerHour community. PeoplePerHour has curators who check the quality of freelance work. They act as intermediaries between the customer and the contractor. After choosing a freelancer, the client needs to make a deposit to start the project. Payments are protected by an escrow contract and PeoplePerHour Wallet system.

PeoplePerHour allows freelancers to submit direct offers to a customer-created project. To do this, you need to leave applications for projects. Only 15 free offers per month can be sent. The site takes a commission for the completed transaction. Freelancers can filter projects by geography and connect with local employers.


It is a popular freelance platform among foreign developers, architects, and admins. More than 1.5 million users have already appreciated her work. Freelancers and employers alike love Guru for its quick payouts without the hassle. Vacancies are selected manually: the service takes care of its reputation, rejects all dubious projects. The platform is quite famous. You have a chance to get a great specialist without a lot of competition.

Final word 

To make the quality of freelance work suit you, select specialists with relevant projects in your portfolio and discuss all the nuances of the task before starting to complete it.

To find a freelancer as quickly as possible, post tasks on several platforms that offer a free search for specialists or highlight tasks in the directory for a fee.

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