25 FREE Unique Vintage Sound Effects for Your Film and Video


Download rough, classic sounds that are perfect for any retro project in need of that specific analog-style sound to fill the background with.

Finding good sound effects is hard. Creating them is even harder. Often, you’ll find yourself looking for sound effects in the middle or at the end of your edit and it can be one of the more frustrating experiences you go through as a video editor.

Finding good sounds is hard because you’re hunting down a feeling more than anything. So, for this pack, we put together a collection of warm, vintage-sounding whooshes, risers, beat loops, and underlying ambiance. Think of these as your secondary soundtrack to play under your primary soundtrack.

What Are Vintage Sound Effects?

Have you heard about foley? The process of sound recreation is named after Jack Foley, a popular audio artist. Today, foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are used in film and video edits, as well as other audio productions (music, podcasts). No matter what kind of content you’re creating, our collection of retro and vintage sounds helps transport your viewers and listeners back to the early days of glitchy technology and captures the vibes and audio artifacts created by the imperfect devices of the past.


More Royalty-Free Sounds and Music

Need some high-quality royalty-free music to go with your vintage SFX? Check out PremiumBeat’s brand-new music subscription that lets you license and download music from our world-class library for only $12.99 per track.

When to Use These Vintage SFX

Vintage-Sounding Effects

For me, sound effects play an important role at pretty much every step of my editing workflow. They can help transition from one clip to another or provide an impactful, reverb-soaked ending to a scene. I’ve found that playing around with and dropping in sound effects helps me find the pacing and rhythm of my edit.

The effects in this free pack will work in any NLE, and applying them to your footage is as simple as dragging and dropping them onto your timeline. Now, like any sound effect, these serve your edit best when placed in a scene that already has sounds built around them. By themselves, the drones and scratches might seem a little out of place or even jarring to your viewers. Don’t be afraid to slow them down, lower the volume, mess with the EQ — these are yours to get creative with!

These swells, whooshes, and bleeps work wonderfully in situations with characters using old technology or playing with retro gear. They’re also perfect for creating ominous vibes, especially when paired with our 80+ Cinematic Atmospheres freebie from last year.

If you’re looking for more sound effects, here are some FREE SFX packs we’ve released over the past few years:


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