20 FREE Holographic Video Loops


Download these 20 iridescent video elements to use in your next project. Free to use in any personal or commercial projects.

Need to add some creative flair to your next video project? Then look no further than our holographic freebie pack. This pack contains twenty holographic and iridescent-inspired video loops.

These video assets can easily be imported into your favorite video editor or compositing program. Let your creativity run wild and use them for anything from backgrounds to matting behind the text, or accenting logos and motion graphics.

Download the Free Holographic Video Elements

Click the button below to download the free holographic video loops. In the download, you’ll find everything you need to get started.

Download the Free Holographic Video Elements

These holographic elements are free to use in any personal or commercial projects. By downloading, you agree not to resell or redistribute these free assets. 

What Holographic Elements Are Included?

The holographic freebie pack contains twenty different video elements, all of which are loopable. Each clip is six seconds long and 2160×2160 pixels. (To loop the clips, just add multiple copies of the same clip next to each other in your edit timeline.)

There are three different types of holographic clips included. The first are non-textured holographic loops. These loops have a smooth, clean look to them.

Non-textured holographic video loop
The non-textured holographic loops have a smooth and natural iridescent look.

Next, there are textured holographic loops. These loops have a metallic, aged look to them. They show signs of scratches and grit, which can provide a unique look to the holographic texture.

Textured holographic loop
The textured holographic loops are nice for adding in some metallic realism.

Finally, there are a few “TCG” (Trading Card Game) loops. These loops were inspired by the holographic background patterns often seen on trading cards. They have a nice ’90s inspired vibe to them!

"TCG" holographic loop
The “TCG” holographic loops were inspired by ’90s trading card games!

How to Use the Holographic Loops

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of creative ways to use these holographic loops. One of our favorites is using them as mattes behind text or logos on a black background.

This can result in a beautiful look with bold contrast.

An example of a holographic loop behind a logo
You can use the holographic loops for mattes behind text and logos.

If you’d like a full tutorial on matting logos and text, check out our video tutorial: How to Create Matte Text Animations in After Effects.

More Creative Uses

Some other creative uses for the holographic elements include creating animated stickers. This can be done using the CC Page Turn effect in After Effects.

Just keyframe the Fold Position setting to create the animation. (Perfect for your trapper keeper binder!)

Example of a CC Page Turn Effect
Use the CC Page Turn effect in After Effects to create animated stickers.

You can also combine the holographic loops with other animations for some stunning looks. They pair perfectly with Creating 3D Cards in After Effects.

You can easily matte them to the holographic elements of your 3D cards!

For more fun creative projects, give these a whirl:


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