14 Effects Tutorials Inspired by Marvel’s Loki, WandaVision, and More


Give your projects superpowered production value with video tutorials based on Marvel TV shows! Plus, totally FREE VFX assets!

Video tutorials assemble! We’ve compiled our favorite how-to clips that cover the motion graphics and VFX found in Marvel’s smash-hit TV shows. You’ll learn how to recreate titles, transformations, portals, glitches—and even a little telekinesis.

Watch the tutorials below, and then dive into the bonus content to download FREE video assets you can use to elevate your upcoming projects.

1. Loki Title Sequence

Let’s start with the Marvel TV show Loki, which is rich in special effects and features an amazing title sequence. Ben Marriott demonstrates how to recreate the Loki title sequence procedurally in After Effects—no third-party plugins needed.

2. Glass Portal Effect

The beautiful glass portals from Loki give characters the ability to travel to new locations and moments in time, and they feature a unique chromatic aberration effect. Film Riot walks you through the steps required to create a portal of your own.

3. Loki Transformation

Throughout the show, Loki often transforms his look or outfit with a quick glowing transition effect. ProductionCrate demonstrates how to recreate Loki’s transform effect entirely in After Effects.

4. Loki Transformation (Premiere Pro)

Not experienced with After Effects? No worries. Cinecom.net can show you how to create Loki’s transformation VFX entirely in Premiere Pro. This method may render slower, but it’s much more approachable for beginners.

5. Pruning Disintegration Effect

Cinecom.net also has a tutorial for the disintegration VFX—aka “pruning”—featured in Loki. This eye-catching effect, seen throughout the entire series, causes a character to slowly disintegrate into glowing sparks.

6. Time Twister Loop

Brandon Fate shows how to easily create the time twister loop effect using only Premiere Pro. The results are quite stunning, especially when you consider how simple it is to execute the look.

7. Teleportation Effect

ActionVFX shows us how to recreate a Loki-inspired teleportation effect by masking numerous smoke elements around your actor in After Effects.

8. Scarlet Witch’s Magic Energy

Let’s dive into the energy and glitch effects showcased in WandaVision. Alex Perri starts by showing us how to create Scarlet Witch’s energy VFX (including the glowing red eyes!) using After Effects and Mocha AE.

9. WandaVision Reality Glitch Transition

In this tutorial, FXhome demonstrates how to create a WandaVision-inspired reality glitch transition using HitFilm Express, a FREE VFX compositing program that offers a nice alternative to After Effects.

10. Westview Anomaly Glitch Effect

ProductionCrate actually has several tutorials focused on breaking down various WandaVision effects. This one covers the steps for recreating the Westview Anomaly glitch effect.

11. Float Like the Scarlet Witch

Next, ProductionCrate shows how you can make an actor float like a fully-powered Scarlet Witch by recording two different plates of your actor and combining them with masks.

12. Telekinesis Effect

Finally, ProductionCrate offers a tutorial on how to create the Scarlet Witch telekinesis effect. With this tutorial, you’ll be able to make energy effects, blasts, and even show floating objects.

13. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Titles

The last of the Marvel TV shows we’re going to look at is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. If you’re interested in recreating the title animation, vfx world explains how to pull it off with After Effects and Element 3D.

14. Shield Throw Effect

Finally, Film Learnin shows you how to recreate the iconic Captain America shield throw using After Effects, Mocha AE, and C4D Lite.

Extra Tutorials and FREE Assets

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Want to keep rolling with even more Marvel-related tips and tricks? Here you go:

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