10 Free After Effects Templates: Typography


Let’s build that motion graphics library! These FREE After Effects and Premiere Pro templates feature cool typography and animated typefaces.

Whether you’re a professional motion graphics designer or a novice After Effects user, the following FREE After Effects and Premiere Pro templates make it exponentially faster (and easier!) to integrate animated type into your projects.

Before we dive into the list of FREE assets, let’s take a look at how you can better your editing skills with some tips for working with and customizing typography in your video projects. (As you’ll see, After Effects and Premiere have been updated since this video was published, but the techniques and ideas are still relevant.)

Okay, good to go? Good to go. Now, on to the list!

1. Animated Hand-Painted Fonts

The more “one of a kind” you make your designs, the more original and authentic they end up feeling to clients and audiences alike. Giving your video or project a bespoke, DIY aesthetic with “hand-painted” text can help you accomplish this.

Download the free typography template here.

2. FREE Helvetica Neue Animated Font

Just like it’s important for filmmakers to find a unique vision for their approach to cinematography, directing, and writing, editors also need to have a unique approach to their craft, offering something nobody does. If your approach is defined by the classics, stand out with this pack of timeless, classy, and clean typography.

Download the free typography template here.

3. FREE Rounded Animated Titles and Lower Thirds

If “trendy and modern” is the goal, this template from RocketStock will get you there. The FREE download includes a wide array of graphic elements, from titles to lower thirds to simply designed text that’s perfect for getting info across playfully.

Download the free typography template here.

4. 10 FREE Title Animations

This animated pack is a fun take on hand-lettered, comic-book style text—perfect for YouTube and social content.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to use these inside the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere. Each graphic will come with its own set of customization options. To make changes to your motion graphics templates (a.k.a. mogrt files), simply drag it to your timeline and select it.

After selecting it, you should be able to access the Edit tab in the Essential Graphics Panel (if it’s not open, go to the Window tab and check Essential Graphics Panel).

Download the free typography template here.

5. NEON Animated Typeface

This super stylish typeface is a video editor’s dream. While you can find more detailed directions on the FREE animated neon font download page, it’s really not necessary.

It’s a simple drag-and-drop process that’s relatively painless—unless your titles are really, really long. Then, yes, it might get a little complicated. Just be sure to follow the tutorial. I played around with it a little bit, added a fake title, changed the size and colors—all in under two minutes. Easy peasy!

Download the free typography template here.

6. 21 FREE Motion Graphics for Premiere Pro

The big word here is “customization.” Making use of the Essential Graphics Panel is the best way to use this giant pack of animated titles and transitions. There’s something here for literally every kind of editor, and the easy-to-use nature makes it incredibly accessible, regardless of your skill level.

Here’s what’s in the pack:

  • 8 customizable animated text titles
  • 13 clean and modern transitions with customizable colors
  • .AE project file (customize however you’d like)

Download the free typography template here.

7. 15 FREE Animated Lower Thirds

The who, what, when, and where provided by lower thirds make them a common request and vital need for all kinds of projects. Whether you’re cutting documentaries, television, or corporate videos, they’re going to come up eventually. This pack should be an on-hand, go-to solution for any motion graphics designer or editor who wants to pull them off as pro-looking as possible.

Download the free typography template here.

8. 24 FREE Lower Thirds for Editors

AND THE LOWER THIRDS PARTY CONTINUES! (Insert club airhorn sound effect here.) Look, the more options you have the better. Having a plethora of good quality video assets at your disposal is a no-brainer, especially if you can get them for free!

Download the free typography template here.

9. FREE Horror Title Templates

This pack is a little niche, but, for our dime? This is the best-looking horror title template you’re going to find for free. Seriously, the fact that Film Bodega isn’t charging you for this is weird and everyone involved—them, you, me—should probably be reported. Also, it’s worth noting that you can customize these titles in all kinds of non-horror ways, so get creative and go nuts.

Download the free typography template here.

Also, if you’re looking for a single wow-this-literally-solves-all-of-my-problems pack, one that gives you everything you could ever need to edit a video inside Premiere Pro, Film Bodega is selling their SuperMOGRT pack (see above) for almost nothing. Get on it.

10. RED Outro: FREE After Effects Template

This golden oldie is a true corporate video classic. Users can customize the ending text to include the name and information of a company and/or client, as well as change the color in order to ensure everything is on brand as requested.

Download the free typography template here.

A few more freebies, just for you:

Cover image via DANIEL CONSTANTE.


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