10 Cinema 4D Artists Every Motion Designer Should Follow


These 3D artists inspire, teach, and help elevate your own creative endeavors. Here are ten C4D artists you need to follow.

When your family starts to ask you about the likes of Beeple, you know that Cinema 4D has definitely made the mainstream. While agencies and 3D artists have used C4D for decades now, it’s the advancements in GPU rendering that have finally allowed everyday artists to access and use 3D tools, without having to take out a loan to buy a computer, C4D license, and render farm.

If you’re interested in beginning your Cinema 4D journey, here are ten artists you should follow for inspiration and advice.

1. EJ Hassenfratz

Let’s taco about EJ Hassenfratz. If you’re beginning your journey on learning Cinema 4D, odds are you already know EJ through his helpful YouTube tutorials as EyeDesyn. He’s also the leading C4D educator at School of Motion with his Cinema 4D Basecamp and C4D Ascent courses.

EJ makes everything about Cinema 4D fun, from his happy, cute characters to his deep dives into features.

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2. Zachary Corzine

Zachary Corzine is an incredibly talented 3D artist who can truly mold Cinema 4D into doing whatever he wants. He also started combining Houdini simulations with his C4D work to create some rather spectacular pieces. He’s worked with influential studios like ManvsMachine and Tendril in Los Angeles.

You’ve likely seen his work without realizing it, having done projects with the NBA, Monday Night Football on ESPN, and those incredible Brrch and Altrock Squarespace ads that were plastered all over the internet for months.

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3. Jess Herrera

Jess Herrera—better known as the Herrerasaurus online—is a freelance 3D artist and illustrator from Australia. She specializes in her own look, concepting and designing 3D characters in Cinema 4D that feel like classic animated characters of the past, made from clay or felt.

Check out her Bringing Characters to Life presentation for the 3D & Motion Design Show for some excellent insight and inspiration.

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4. Clinton Jones

Clinton Jones is a multi-faceted creator. Aside from his standout 3D and VFX skills, Clint is also a director and writer who has produced tons of viral hits for Rocket Jump, Corridor Digital, and his own Pwnisher channel.

For some killer Cinema 4D and VFX content, follow along with Clint’s Saturday livestreams on his YouTube channel.

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5. Omar Aqil

Omar Aqil took his love of Picasso paintings into 3D to create some incredible self-portraits and abstract scenes. He’s a freelance artists in Pakistan who has worked with brands like Apple, Adidas, Nike, Google, and more.

Enjoy a deep dive into his timeline, because the way he uses shapes is absolutely mesmerizing.

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6. David Ariew

If you’ve already moved on from Cinema 4D’s native render engine and gone with a third-party render engine like Octane, then you’ve definitely heard of “Octane Jesus.” With his luscious locks and brilliant 3D mind, Ariew will help you elevate your work with his amazing sense of lighting and composition. It’s one of the big reasons his course Lights, Camera, Render! is so popular.

He’s worked with dozens of music acts like Deadmau5, Dave Matthews Band, Katy Perry, and more.

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7. Handel Eugene

Handel is a 2D and 3D freelance artist who has worked with dozens of major brands and studios. Some of his most recognizable work comes from his commercial work with Gunner and film collaborations with Perception studio, where he worked on the end titles for Black Panther and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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8. Chris Schmidt

Chris Schmidt is a Cinema 4D legend and absolute wizard. Aside from developing popular C4D plugins, Chris may be best known for his classic tutorials and yearly breakdowns of the new features in Cinema 4D.

You can ask Chris your C4D questions during his shows where he’ll recreate and breakdown popular looks and animations live and on camera. It’s a chance to explore how his brain works and how you can attempt to bend C4D to your will.

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9. Peter Tarka

Peter Tarka has a visual style that immediately pops to mind whenever you see stellar uses of the colors pink and purple. While his 3D skills are fantastic, it’s really his masterful use of color, light, and composition that makes everything Tarka touches absolutely shine.

He’s worked with major brands like Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Airbnb, and many more.

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10. Nick DenBoer

Let’s step away from all the clean lines and dive deep into the absurd. Nick DenBoer—better known as Smearballs—is a Cinema 4D artists that walks the line of disturbing and hilarious. That’s why you may have seen his work with Conan O’Brien or his own short “The Chickening.”

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Cover image via David Ariew/Giuseppe Sarcì/School of Motion.


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