10 Apple Motion Tutorials Every Motion Designer Should Watch


Take your motion graphic skills to the next level with ten amazing Apple Motion tutorials. Get your game on!

Alright. Ok. I get it. Apple Motion. It’s not the world’s most advanced compositing system, but then that’s why software like this exists. Not everyone wants to jump straight into the deep end, especially if they’re looking to create something simple.

For people used to working with FCPX, sometimes learning Apple Motion can be much easier than learning After Effects. While the two programs are different, there’s certainly a lot of overlap in functionality and creative potential.

The following ten Apple Motion tutorials are perfect examples of just that.

Whether you’re someone new to Apple Motion or a seasoned veteran looking to up your skills, here are ten must-watch Apple Motion tutorials.

1. Motion 5: Getting Started + More!

Created by The Final Cut Bro.

The Final Cut Bro is essentially Motion’s Andrew Kramer. He has all the info and tips you need to get started on this software. In this one, specifically, he’s made a fantastic and digestible video for all the basics needed to get started.

This is a perfect video for anyone new to Apple Motion—from importing a time-lapse to motion tracking and rigging. It also gives familiar users some further information they didn’t know before.

2. Walking Dead Effect

You can easily track points within your footage using the built-in motion tracker. While it’s not quite as advanced as Mocha Pro, the tracker in Apple Motion is good enough to make basic tracks.

This video tutorial shows us how to do a simple motion track similar to The Walking Dead.

Created by Final Cut King.

3. Departure Board Tutorial

The ability to move objects in 3D space is a compelling feature that can be useful to simulate 3D depth using 2D objects.

This video tutorial teaches us to use lights and motion keyframes to create a cool Flipboard animation.

Created by Simon Ubsdell.

4. Apple Motion Text Tutorial

As much as it’s nice to go to a dedicated website to find text templates for Apple Motion, Jenn gives us two videos to show us some valuable tips on creating your own.

You’ll learn to use anchor points, motion paths, and replicators to create custom text effects in Motion 5. Not only is it perfect for newcomers to Motion, but it can also save you some money.

Created by Jenn Jager Pro Tutorials.

And, check out this second video to learn more about creating dynamic text in Apple Motion.

5. Nebula Tutorial

There are many ways to create abstract, cloud-like effects in Motion, and this tutorial series shows us just one.

We learn to create a nebula scene using 100% native tools in Apple Motion in the series.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Created by Simon Ubsdell.

6. Apple Motion 3D Camera Techniques

In this video, Final Cut Bro focuses on the 3D camera section of Apple Motion, from dolly, focus transitions, framing, zooming in and out, and sweeps.

This video shows that you can animate those motions smoothly and with confidence.

Created by The Final Cut Bro.

7. Volumetric Lighting

Volumetric lighting is essentially light rays that can be seen in 3D space. Using Motion, you can create volumetric lighting with native effects.

While you can buy plugins to help you with this, you certainly don’t need to.

Created by Simon Ubsdell.

8. Sky Replacement

When it comes to VFX, one of the first things you’ll learn is how to do a basic sky replacement. This tutorial by Final Cut King is precisely that.

Using a series of color keys, you can easily composite your sky backgrounds into your video.

Created by Final Cut King.

9. Apple Motion Hacks

Apple Motion has a lot to offer, and although it can be simplistic to the advanced compositor user, it can still be overwhelming for someone completely new to the world of editing and compositing.

Jenn Jager shares with us her favorite hacks, which are awesome for solving problems and giving you shortcuts to save you time and fly around Motion like a wizard!

Created by Jenn Jager Pro Tutorials.

10. Apple Motion Whiteboard Video Tutorial

In this step-by-step guide, Jen Jager shows us how to make a nice whiteboard animation for your projects. The video is put together perfectly with superb editing and clear instructions.

The video is arranged into three difficulties: Quick & easy, medium, and most precise.

Created by Jenn Jager Pro Tutorials.

Bonus: How to Make a Plugin for Final Cut Pro

Fancy having a go at creating a plugin for Final Cut Pro? Don’t know how to do it? Well, Final Cut Bro is here to enlighten you and your creative endeavors.

Following this guide, you’ll be making all your plugins yourself to make that project workflow so much easier.

Created by The Final Cut Bro.

Want to learn more about Apple Motion? Check out a few of these tutorials here on the PremiumBeat blog:

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