Music Roundup! The Best Royalty Free Hip Hop Tracks

Check out our roundup of the best hip-hop tracks for your creative projects. Royalty-free music with a bold urban edge!

Bold attitude, swagger, but keeping it cool is a great way to inspire and impress your audience. But something could be missing from your video projects. We all know the importance of choosing a track to accompany your visuals can make all the difference. Well, these hip-hop royalty-free tracks will add that flavor you’re looking for. The groovy rhythms, scratching turntables, and rap samples can add that extra dose of coolness and elevate your creations.

Our music team has curated the best royalty-free hip-hop tracks with a mixture of moods, from laidback to bold and dark. Whether you are on your travels showing the hustle and bustle of city life, or a fashion fanatic looking for a slick track to accompany your looks, this playlist is just for you. 

Nothing beats an all-around uplifting track; the playlist opens with Good Vibes Hip Hop by Trending Music. A laidback and funky track with a 70s-style groove creating a fresh and cool mood. Going to the dark side, Dark Energy by Denis adds that tension and haunting atmosphere with the synth textures while still keeping it smooth and bold with the punchy drumbeats. 

Hip-Hop wouldn’t be complete without strong rap samples. Hotter Than a Hot Dog Stand by Joseph is layered with rap samples and a groovy flute and piano riff complimenting each other. Joseph also writes bold and booming tracks, One Time Like Dis is another stand-out track. Featuring both trap and Alt R&B elements, a strong 808 bass and slick beat will keep your content feeling daring yet cool.

808 bass lines never fail to elevate the mood, Lex by Hartley is a perfect track for those looking for a highly rhythmic, punchy, and trippy track. Sometimes the fiercer, the better right? Willpower by ArtMaks consists of massive 808 bass lines, hard-hitting drumbeats, and haunting synth riffs. The powerful and aggressive mood from the roaring electronic sounds can add some power and drive to your videos.

To add some exotic nature to your projects, Spanish Harlem by Mattijs Muller fuses Latin elements and hip-hop to create a concoction of energy and confidence. For a quirkier sensation, Slipped by Soulish is a tremendous experimental hip-hop track with a prominent saxophone, electric guitar, and delayed smooth rhythms.

Take these tracks with you to freshen your content. Add that forward momentum and youthfulness for that modern hip-hop flavor.

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