Florida’s most filmed locations

When making stunning images and timeless videos, it all comes down to choosing the perfect location. Some of the best movies in the world were filmed in the most prominent places around the globe. However, finding that perfect spot is not always easy. The best approach is to learn from other examples, watching famous pieces of cinematography. If there is one place in the US widely used in Hollywood movies, it is Florida. Let’s learn a little about its history and virtually visit Florida’s most filmed locations. Let us imagine we are there, in our body and spirit, taking in all the experience of the best filmmakers and photographers in the industry.

The Fontainebleau

Say hello to one of Florida’s most filmed locations, the Fontainebleau in Miami. If you haven’t already guessed, this is where the movie Scarface was filmed. One of the most iconic pieces of the American cinema cemented Al Pacino as one of the most vicious criminals behind the drug crimes in Miami. Tony Montana’s infamous line is one of the most quoted sentences from any movie.

This rich and famous place is the perfect filming location for your glamourous videos.

Okaloosa Island and Navarre Beach in North Florida

Silky beaches, crystal-clear water, and bubbly-white waves perfectly describe Florida. The coastal stretch of North Florida is considered one of the best locations for underwater filming. If you want to capture aquatic wildlife and enjoy the presence of exotic species of fish, look no further. However, when filming in the ocean, always be mindful of dangers that lurk in the dark depths beneath. We learned what can happen by watching “Jaws”, one of the most terrifying movies about a great white shark attack.

Villa Vizcaya

Villa Vizcaya was featured in one of the most famous Jim Carey movies, “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”. This beautiful mansion, now a museum, was once home to the Miami Dolphins.

“Fast” streets of Miami

The beloved “Fast and Furious” franchise was filmed all over Miami. Some of the most popular locations include the Seven Mile Bridge, the Versailles Restaurant, and even Sylvester Stalone’s mansion. Even though Sly probably won’t let you in even if you catch him there, you still have the rest of the locations to take fantastic, memorable shots.

Kennedy Space Center

The favorite location for making movies about space is the Kennedy Space Center. Movies like Appolo 13, Transformers 3, Armageddon, Space Cowboys, and many others were filmed there. Keep in mind that filming in this location without a permit is strictly prohibited. If you wish to do so, you need to fill in a filming request and send it to NASA for approval at least one month before the project starts.

Are you interested in taking amazing photos or filming and the most beautiful locations in Florida?

Let’s move away from the famous filming locations for a moment and take a look at some of the most beautiful parts of Florida where tourists usually make their cameras go “click”. If you plan to temporarily relocate here for a filming project, make sure to research the company that will conduct your relocation. Many people make the mistake of not investigating their movers beforehand, leading to complications down the line. When your project is in jeopardy, a relocation that is carefully planned is a must, so make sure to find appropriate assistance. You also need to pick the perfect location so that you are close to all the best spots.

Most beautiful beaches

As mentioned earlier, Florida has a plethora of beautiful beaches. Some of Florida’s most filmed locations include South Beach, Bahia Honda State Park, Fort DeSoto State Park, Naples Beach, Sanibel Island, Key Biscayne, and many others. The list goes on, and each location represents a unique opportunity to film amazing videos and take timeless photos.

Filming Florida’s architecture

If you are more interested in filming in city locations where you can highlight the exotic architecture of the place, your number one visit should be to the Art Deco Historic District. The ambiance created with the 1930s and 1940s architecture and the colorful Art Deco style cannot be put into words.

Another location that is a must for every photographer in Florida is St. Augustine. This is probably the only place in America where you can still capture the atmosphere and charm of the old world. Cobblestone streets, breathtaking landscape, and many historical districts are some of Florida’s most filmed locations. Visit America’s oldest city to see how Florida looked a long time ago.

Filming Florida wildlife

If you want to explore Florida’s most filmed locations where you can see the local wildlife and nature, you must go to the Everglades National Park. Documentaries like “The Swamp” or “The Everglades – A Subtropical Paradise” are very educational and beautiful, and these filming locations are the first pick for any nature lovers. A show called “The Everglades” was also filmed here. If you decide to come here and take amazing photos, just be mindful of your surroundings. As beautiful as it is, the Everglades can be a dangerous place if you are not careful.

Another location for filming the nature of Florida is Ocala National Forest. Surround yourself with tall pines, and express your creativity by filming in this quiet place. If you are lucky, you might even take a photo of a black bear, an alligator, or turtles. Just be careful not to come too close; this is still their home.

Florida’s most filmed locations await

Florida is a perfect place for every artist with a camera. Here, you can express your creativity, give life to your photographs, and capture the authentic lifestyle of this exotic state. Your photos will show emotions, warmth, and evoke a sense of wonder. If you are filming, you have a chance to capture positive energy all around you and relay the happy and enticing sounds of Florida for everyone to see and enjoy. Explore Florida’s most filmed locations, and do it with patience. Take in all the beauty and channel it into your art.

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